Jul 1, 2005

A uniquely Catholic blood drive

July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus.

"No! the chastisements of God are not yet at an end; still more sorrowful times are ahead; and divine justice will be placated by the devotion to the Blood of Jesus Christ."

"The world can still set itself right and always will be able to, because the voice and blood of Christ cry out for pity and mercy . . . Devotion to the Precious Blood is the devotion of our time . . . It is a devotion for all souls, for the whole world."
These quotations are so homogeneous in thought and spirit that one may well be pardoned for thinking that they were spoken by the same person, perhaps even on the same occasion. Actually they were uttered more than a century apart by two different men, each aflame with love for the Precious Blood.

Who were they? Go HERE.


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