Aug 8, 2005

Questions about Levada's photo finish

A closer look at this Lance Iversen photograph from the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE elicits several questions:

1) Where is the Missal? I don't see it anywhere on the altar.
2) Thousands were in attendance at the Archbishop's last Mass, but where are the ciboria containing communion hosts for the faithful?
3) Isn't that former Archbishop Quinn on the right in the white chasuble with stole overlaid?
4) Don't those vestments look like they came off the wardrobe rack from "That 70s Show"?


Anonymous Savanarola said...

1) Missal? That's so pre-Vatican II, we use a teleprompter.
2) Faithful? Who are they?
3) If not him then it is his evil twin brother Skippy (both of them share the same level of obedience to liturgical law.)
4) Yes, but they also look like some drapes my grandmother used to have.

10:38 AM  
Blogger contratimes said...

As a photojournalist/photographer myself, I can pretty confidently state that both the missal and ciboria might be on the altar. The image is made with a telephoto lens, and the photographer is shooting up at the AB. Hence, the altar slopes away on the two dimensional plane. My guess is that the missal is lying flat. Isn't that the ciborium to the right of the chalice? I don't know. If the priest has drawn it closer to his body, the top might not be visible from this angle. And it looks to me like the AB is not quite at the altar: he could be some distance behind it (telephoto lenses compress distances, making things look much closer than they are).

But this image is definitely not showing everything - not by a long shot - on the altar.

Peace of Christ to you.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...


Thanks for sharing your photographic expertise with us. I think your explanation answers my question about the unseen Missal (lying flat, especially). And perhaps instead of ciboria, the unconsecrated hosts are in flat, saucer-like bowls which (alas) are in such common use these days.

Thanks again, and peace to you!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wanna know why there's no missal or ciborium? Levada's being held up! Can't you tell by the position of his hands?

I bet it's that guy to Levada's left with the glasses, mustache and stern-yet-blank expression on his face. Looks too suspicious to me.

Ya just can't trust anybody these days... ;)

11:56 AM  
Blogger Non Sum Dignus said...

I recognize that dude in the Groucho Marx get-up. It's mob stick-up man, Dominick "Crazy Dom" Fuhgeddaboutit.

He just got his marching orders from a Boss who hadn't been to Mass since 1963. All the Boss could remember was "Dominick Go Frisk 'Em". Crazy Dom obliged.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


nds, he must be one of those bishops who succeeded from the Apostle Judas...;)

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


BTW, is it possible that God is punishing San Francisco for having this dingbat as archbishops by having the Giants collapse and the Athletics succeed beyond anybody's dreams? ;)

12:31 PM  
Blogger Non Sum Dignus said...

I wouldn't know. I'm a fan of the St. Didacus Priests.


4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, I'm a fan of more heavenly, spiritual bodies...;)



11:30 PM  
Anonymous Living in SF said...

Being from the Archdiocese, several options can be taken into account:

1) It is the "Our Father" and the vessels have been taken away into the Sacristy Chapel to be ready for the Fraction Rite. Though this might have changed to fit the "new directives." whatever.

2) It is the invitation to the Sign of Peace.

3)The Missal/Sacramentary is the "flatter" edition of the "Eucharistic Prayer for Various Occasions."

4) The stole is designed to be above the chasuble. Does it really matter? Does it make the Eucharist invalid or illicit?

5) In the Archdiocese, the plates of "presorted" ciboria are placed along the edges of the Altar Table. As for the Cups, this is done as well. When this is done, and sadfully IT IS, all the ciboria is not seen since, sadfully, the altar is AWAY from the assembly.

6) When does the liturgy speak to the hearts of the people?

7) What are vestments suppose to look like?

11:16 PM  

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