Sep 1, 2005

'Burger King' weddings: Have it your way!

With former priest of the L.A. Roman Catholic Archdiocese, Father Mariano Tomaszewski, you can HAVE IT YOUR WAY!

You can have a 'Catholic' wedding even if ...

  • Your wedding is in a location other than a church building.
  • One of you is not a Catholic.
  • One of you, or both, have a previous marriage.
  • You would like the priest to co-officiate with a Rabbi, or another clergy person.
  • You have other special circumstances.


A Catholic garden wedding, Catholic country club wedding, a Catholic wedding aboard a yacht or by the ocean, a Catholic wedding at a hotel, banquet facility or at home all might seem to be impossible dreams. Not anymore! I am permitted to perform your wedding in any of these locations and more ...


Believe it or not, the following self-incriminating warning is posted on the page entitled, A Word of Caution about Wedding Officiants:

Priests, bishops, ministers who are willing to perform ANY type of wedding ceremony for ANYONE under ANY circumstances as long as you pay them. The character of the officiant for whom everything is OK speaks for itself.


Anonymous Suzie said...

Wow. This guy used to be at a parish I used to attend, St. Philip's in Pasadena. It used to be the only parish around that had a Latin Novus Ordo every Sunday (this was in the 70's & 80's).

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do you remember anything about him?

8:02 AM  
Anonymous arthur said...

hahahahaha!!! "BURGER KING weddings" Man I would sure love to have it "your way with him" by putting a foot up his ###

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lokk at what he says in his website FAQ. Has he lost his mind or his faith?

Q. Will the Roman Catholic Church recognize our marriage?

A. The answer depends on the circumstances of each couple. If you were baptized in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) then the only way to have a valid RC marriage is to follow the RC requirements and you need to contact a RC parish to assist you. In general the RC regulations require that your ceremony be celebrated in church by a RC priest. Thus being a Roman Catholic you have no permission to have your wedding ceremony outdoors or by an officiant who is not a priest delegated by the RC bishop. If you disregard these RC guidelines they will not recognize your marriage. On the other hand the RCC recognizes outdoor marriages for those who were not baptized in the RCC. Thus if you’re a Baptist and your future spouse is a Methodist and I do your wedding at the location of your choice, the RCC would say that it was a valid marriage. Our church is an American Catholic Church and as such we do not claim to satisfy the dictates of Roman Catholic canon law regarding validity of the Sacrament of marriage for Roman Catholics. So for practical purposes, if one of you is a RC, your marriage will not be recognized by the RCC if you choose to have me to perform your ceremony. Thus, you might consider me and our church as the closest possible alternative to the RC wedding ceremony (see Meet Father Mariano). In the future if you desire to have the RCC recognize your marriage as a Roman Catholic marriage then you may convalidate you marriage at the RC parish by basically repeating your vows in the presence of the RC priest. There is no need for the second church ceremony. A simple, informal blessing at the parish office would do it. If you're a Catholic it is important for you to know, and some "priests" or "officiants" may "forget" to tell you (see "The word of caution about the wedding officiants") that unless you have a valid RC marriage the RCC will not consider you as a Catholic in good standing. This means that you would not be welcome to receive any sacraments in the RCC and you might have some trouble having your children baptized in the RCC. In summary, if I officiate at your wedding this will be your wedding, you will make your commitment to each other in the presence of your families and friends and before God. But, if your concern is to entirely fulfill the RC law you would need to convalidate.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Gabby said...

But if you seek a convalidation you have to be meet the same requirements as any other Roman Catholic ie not have been married before, not have married someone who was divorced etc. It's not as simple as "Oh, I'm a divorced Roman Catholic, so I'll just get this guy to marry us and then get a convalidation."

3:36 PM  

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