Nov 24, 2005


Father Chris Ponnet at Mass in St. Camillus Chapel (TIDINGS photo)

Clayton Emmer's post on Father Ponnet's strange behavior at an Archdiocesan conference on human sexuality has elicited an illuminating response from someone who knew the HIV ministry, anti-death penalty, activist priest when he was stationed at Our Lady of the Assumption in Claremont.

From the comment box at THE WEIGHT OF GLORY ...

When my husband and I were living in Southern California, attending Our Lady of the Assumption parish in Claremont, Fr. Chris was the associate pastor. He was one guy who gave us great impetus to jump ship and join the nearest Protestant church. We stuck it out in the end thanks to the timely homily of a different priest in that parish, and eventually Fr. Chris was sent off to minister to AIDS patients as a hospital chaplain. I see that he hasn't changed much in all these years.

The first time I had my parents visit us in So-Cal, Fr. Chris celebrated Easter Mass and decided that instead of saying the responses, the priest and people would "clap" the responses. As in: One clap = The Lord be With You. Two claps = And also with you. It was the most unbearably corny, embarrassing, idiotic thing I've ever been forced to endure in a Mass - and I've seen plenty of foolish stuff in years of living all over the USA. On another occasion, Fr. Chris was giving a homily about the Jews grumbling in the desert. He kept shrieking the word "grumbling!" - when suddenly, he took off down the main aisle of the church, ran up the stairs into the choir loft and finished his shrieking homily standing at the railing above everyone. He then bolted back downstairs to the sanctuary and asked, "Did I make you uncomfortable just now?" I remember a lady next to me nudging me with her elbow, rolling her eyes and muttering, "Theatrics." Fr. Chris might argue that I still remember his homily to this day...but the fact is that I have no memory of what he was "preaching." I only remember the lunacy of him running all over the church and shrieking "grumbling!"

My husband and I grew so weary, also, that in every homily Fr. Chris always had to mention sexual orientation - and how God did not withhold his grace based upon one's sexual preference. We were amazed, as a young couple beginning to raise a family, that we always heard about the needs of those with SSA - but never a word about living family life as a man and woman raising children in today's world.
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Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Thanks be to God that this 40 year flirtation with Relativism/Protestantism is coming to an end. Presiders like "Father" Skippy (or whatever the hell his name is) are rapidly going the way of the dodo.

Can we now get back to the business of being (and conducting ourselves like) Catholics?

6:26 AM  
Blogger Quo Vadis said...

The reason you heard all about love and acceptance of people with SSA is very likely because Father Ponnet was voicing his own insecurity and fear of acceptance.

Going to LA to work for about a half a year on a project at LAX was a real eye opener for me. There were all kinds of weird stuff going on at the churches I visited while I was there. I have to say I didn't see anything that nutty. Since then I have seen somethings I saw at LA creep into some churches here in Dallas but I have found one that is faithful to the Church and Her liturgy.

On the one hand LA has such a long Catholic history there with the California missions and the historical Hispanic Catholic culture which seems to be ignored by the powers that as well as liberal Hispanics. On the other hand modern Catholicism there is for the most part a brand of wannabe Protestantism which is encouraged by the diocese.

I pray for church in America everyday and especially LA because I have felt your pain if only for a brief time.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This man's a nut and he needs therapy.

12:55 PM  
Blogger bobnd said...

Well it sounds like he needs his faculties pulled. Who was the vocations director that approved him? Who Ordained him? He lost his bearings a few squares back, I am glad I haven't went to a service that wacky.

4:08 PM  

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