Jan 13, 2006

New Year's Resolutions for a Cardinal (#5)

FIVE: PUNISH, DON'T PRAISE, PRO-ABORTION POLITICIANS Suppose there was an inauguration of a Catholic new mayor who was a longtime and avowed racist. Would you walk side by side with him and his racist cronies in his victory procession? Suppose a longtime and avowed racist died. Would you open your cathedral to his funeral and praise him there?

If your answer to these questions is "No, of course not," then you need to answer this question: Why have you done these very favors, and many more, for Catholic longtime and avowed pro-abortion politicians?

The Popes, the Second Vatican Council, many Vatican documents, the Catechism and our U.S. bishops all say that as preborn babies we have a God-given right to life, that killing us in the womb is an unspeakable crime and that there is a duty to protect babies and fight abortion. That's "fight abortion" -- not "promote abortion."

When you parade with hard-core, vicious, unrepentant, defiant pro-abortion politicians, and when you praise them, you are promoting abortion. You are saying, with your presence and your words, that babies' deaths don't matter and that promoting and making those babies' deaths possible is just fine with you.

Your all-smiles public appearances with pro-abortion politicians undercut the Church's teachings about the right to life. Palling around with pro-abortion politicians signifies your approval of them. They are taking advantage of you -- they get your approval, but you and the Church, not to mention unborn babies, get nothing back.

Please fulfill your duty to protect unborn babies, the most defenseless and innocent members of your flock. To God, every baby in the womb is equal in human dignity and worth to us already-borns; we must all affirm that truth with positive action.

If you have spoken privately with these pro-abortion politicians and told them to reform and they have ignored you, then they need a wakeup call. The Code of Canon Law (915) says those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin should be denied Communion. For the good of these politicians' souls, and to save the lives of millions of babies, please excommunicate the politicians as a charitable, fraternal and salutary warning to them.

And then, no more parades and funerals for them, except the ones who thanks to you will have repented, reformed and started saving babies' lives instead of taking them.


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