Jan 11, 2006

New Year's Resolutions for a Cardinal (#4)

FOUR: MAKE ACTUAL PROGRESS AGAINST MASS MURDER The March for Life and the Life Chain can become a great springboard for Catholic life-saving action against abortion and euthanasia. Prove to the community that we act upon our beliefs. Create and fund a large and active pro-life Archdiocesan office, staff it with knowledgable veterans of the anti-abortion movement, and seek and take their counsel.

Take many high-profile public stands for pro-life bills and election issues and against anti-life bills and election issues. Take a leading role in the new petition drive for this year's new Parental Notification about Abortion initiative.

Assign every parish, pastor and priest an abortion mill that is inside or near their parish boundary and order them to lead their parishioners in legally and peacefully praying, picketing and sidewalk counseling there at least once every week. Then join your pastors and people in praying the Rosary with a new parish each week.

State publicly, loudly and repeatedly that the Archdiocese will support any and all women who are in a crisis pregnancy, including helping them build a new life after baby is born. Put up billboards saying that, especially near abortion mills and by freeways and major streets. Put up large signs saying that outside every Catholic church, school, hospital and other facility.

Cooperate with, and support lavishly, existing pro-life pregnancy counseling centers, and found new ones everywhere they are needed.

State publicly, loudly and repeatedly that Planned Parenthood and other mass committers of abortion are racist and genocidal because they place so many of their killing centers in areas where members of minority groups live and work.

Transmit belief in the Culture of Life, and awareness of the mass murder going on around us daily, to every student in Archdiocesan schools and CCD classes. Have pro-life and pro-chastity educators speak often in classrooms and at assemblies. Have regular pro-life Masses at all schools. Have principals and teachers lead students in projects such as following babies' nine-month gestation through the nine-month school year. Have students make Rosary pledge drives for the right to life.

Make sure every Catholic group, including social justice groups, understands that they cannot consider themselves truly Catholic and truly for social justice unless they take active part in opposing abortions and building the Culture of Life.

Remind every pastor, priest, deacon and parish that our U.S. Bishops, in their Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, say that a pro-life intention is to be included in the petitions at EVERY Mass. EVERY Mass! Make sure they do this.

Seek every opportunity to lead by personal example in saving babies' lives, helping moms and fighting the abortion profiteers who prey on our community every day.


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