Feb 5, 2006

Cardinal, are Catholic hospitals peddling abortion pills?

Are Catholic hospitals in our Archdiocese giving abortifacient drugs to women? Three of them are, according to a new study reported by LifeSiteNews.com on February 3.

Some years ago the pro-abortion, anti-Catholic "Catholics for a Free Choice" commissioned an outfit called "Ibis Reproductive Health" to ask hospitals in four states whether they gave so-called "emergency contraception," which can cause early abortions, to female rape victims. At that time, California, New Mexico, New York and Washington had laws requiring hospitals to push these death potions, with no conscience exceptions for Catholic institutions.

In April of last year, study staff phoned 94 Catholic hospital emergency rooms to see whether they gave women the death potions. According to the callers, Little Company (San Pedro), Saint John's Health Center (Santa Monica) and Marian Medical Center (Santa Maria) are among those that hand out the death drugs on demand, going beyond the state's mandate of counseling and/or providing the drugs only to rape victims.

Dr. John Shea, medical consultant to Canada's respected Campaign Life Coalition, says no Catholic hospital should have anything to do with these potions, because they can kill a new little human life: "Since nobody can tell whether or not the woman has ovulated and nobody can say definitely that the drug will [not] act as an abortion, therefore you can't use it."

Dr. Shea reiterates the age-old Catholic and Scriptural teaching that God's people must "obey the law of God before the State. Even Cicero stated that God's natural law trumped all temporary laws."

From time to time Cardinal Mahony makes fine statements about the sacredness of human life (in fact, used to chair the U.S. Bishops' pro-life committee). Will he phone the heads of those three hospitals in his Archdiocese and, if the report is accurate, make sure that the deadly practice ends and that those responsible are disciplined?

He knows how to put his foot down (to put it mildly!) when he wants to. Let's pray his actions on this live up to his pro-life talk.


Blogger CS said...

If this is true, then the local bishops need to put a stop to this crap NOW.

Maybe this is simply just more chicanery on the part of CFFC, but this needs to be looked into.

It makes me begin to wonder- does the Vatican need to audit Catholic hospitals as well? Send some decent medical ethics experts to each one?

10:52 PM  

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