Jun 7, 2006

"It is necessary to save man."

"It is necessary to save man." This sentence from the Pontifical Council for the Family's new document, Family and Human Procreation, should give us pause. So should the statement just before that sentence: "...we deviate towards a post-human world."

These warnings are marching orders for everyone to become pro-family activists. (There goes Quintero again, on his pro-life hobby horse. But it should be getting harder and harder for people not to admit that it is not just Quintero and other pro-lifers, it is the Vicars of Christ, the councils and synods, and the Pontifical Councils who are stressing the defense of human life.)

We are in the midst of a cataclysmic crisis for the human race. Few people can see that, and few will admit it. Let us take up our crosses now. "It is necessary to save man."

Will the new document spur Cardinal Mahony, his bishops and his clergy into action to save babies -- and to save man? If only it would!


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