Oct 8, 2006

The Amy Berg movie

Click on this post's title to see yesterday's article in the New York Times about "Deliver Us from Evil," a documentary by Amy Berg about the Oliver O'Grady case. In the film, ex-priest O'Grady, now living in his native Ireland, admits molesting boys and girls in central California when Cardinal Mahoy was his superior as the bishop of Stockton.

Says the article, "Mr. O’Grady says in the film that as bishop in Stockton, the cardinal moved him from parish to parish in the face of abuse accusations."

The big news in the article is in these three paragraphs:

"'The film does certainly charge the atmosphere here in Los Angeles,' said William Hodgman, the top deputy of the target crimes division of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, who coordinated prosecutions of priests in Los Angeles.

"The film also 'will fuel ongoing consideration as to whether Cardinal Mahony and others engaged in criminal activity,' Mr. Hodgman added.

"Joe Scott, a spokesman for the district attorney, Steve Cooley, confirmed that characterization.
The lawyer for the Los Angeles archdiocese, Michael Hennigan, said Friday, 'If Mr. Hodgman is suggesting in any way that the cardinal is the subject of a criminal investigation, he is being irresponsible and in our judgment is committing prosecutorial misconduct.'"

Anyway, that is the latest news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be truly ironic, considering his love of Hollywood, if this man were brought down by a film.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ain't gonna happen. pilarczyk in cincinnati went before a judge admitting responsiblity for pretty much the same thing and he's STILL HERE.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

One wonders how this lawyer and the Cardinal's mouthpiece sleep at night. They both are either very naive or they are covering up for a hell of a lot of EVIL

Kenneth M. Fisher

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, Catholics in Mahony's archdiocese *can* do something. They can hire a canon lawyer who will bring a class-action suit to Rome charging Mahony with malfeasance (if such a charge exists in Canon Law).

Sure, Mahony will try to hide behind his handlers, political allies (Mayor Villaraigosa), Hispanic immmigrants (see this spring's marches) and sympathetic journalists (the L.A. Times' religion editor). So? What else should we expect from this bastard?

If L.A.'s Catholics won't bother attempting to seek such a suit, and if Rome won't hear it, then we'll know where they really stand.

10:21 PM  

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