Nov 8, 2006

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians

All right, we should note that many Dems won by talking pro-life -- but we can bet that they will never actually buck their party's leadership by supporting pro-life bills once in office.

The Dems as a whole might propose and push deceptive, phony bills that promise to reduce the number of babies killed but in reality would only push contraception. Bush might sign such bills into law in ther name of "compassion."

But in any case, we should focus on the disgraceful number of flamingly pro-abortion, Church-defying Catholic politicians who won election or reelection.

We will need calculators to count them all.

What, if anything, will the Bishops say about pro-abortion Catholic politicians at their Fall meeting in Baltimore next week? Whatever they say, it will be after the election and therefore moot.

Suggestion: The bishops need to change their semi-annual meetings from June and November to May and October. That way they could defend preborn babies in the spring, before many of the primaries, and in the fall, before the general elections.

Of course, to do that they would first have to actually want to defend the babies. There is no doubt that in many bishops' residences and parish rectories on election night and since then, many members of the hierarchy and the clergy have been rejoicing over the Demo sweep.

They dream delusions of their pro-abortion pals promoting social justice and the common good. They forget that the slaughter of babies in the womb negates both of those aims. They ignore experience that tax hikes and big government work against social justice and the common good.

Yes, many bishops and priests are registered Democrats and regularly vote for pro-abortion Democrats. We need to tell them over and over, "You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion." Many Catholics now drive home points such as that by redirecting their giving so as to donate their $$ only to their parishes' restricted funds (such as sanctuary funds), which do not go "downtown." That way they support their parish but not anything questionable.

"You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion."


Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

Anyone who still believes Mahony is pro-life is a fool, and his or her foolishness may lead to his eternal destruction!

Kenneth M. Fisher

11:44 AM  

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