Dec 27, 2006

"Open Christmas Day"

Did you see the comic strip "Crankshaft" on Christmas Day? You can click on this post's title to see it.

The cartoon's main characters were heading into church, and they were passing the church's outdoors billboard, which read, in capital letters, "Open Christmas Day."

A good reminder for everyone, no?

Which reminds me about a priest some years ago who with a gentle smile told his congregation at Mass on Christmas or Easter, I forget which, "You know, we do do this every Sunday."

Have you ever invited someone to Confession or Mass for Christmas? Did it turn out well?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had an old fashioned Irish priest in our parish (LA archdiocese) who started his Christmas and Easter homilies by welcoming those present who had not been around since the previous Easter or Christmas.

6:30 PM  

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