Feb 14, 2007

Cardinal Mahony needs to blast Fabian Nunez

Ole Q is always thinking up jobs for Cardinal Mahony. Here is another one: The Cardinal needs to blast another anti-life politician for his latest anti-life initiative.

The politician is Speaker of the California Assembly Fabian Nunez, of our own 46th Assembly District right here in L.A. He celebrated the eve of St. Valentine's Day in a truly ghoulish way.

Yesterday everybody else was out buying candy and roses for their beloved, but not Fabian. The Long Beach Press-Telegram says (click on this post's title) Nunez was announcing his support for an anti-life bill to set up Oregon-style suicide-by-doctor here in the Golden State.

The California bishops' lobbying arm, the California Catholic Conference, will oppose this bill. They are at: http://www.cacatholic.org

But in addition to that, some loud public opposition from Cardinal Mahony would blunt some of Nunez's effectiveness on this very dangerous pro-death legislation.

The Cardinal knows Nunez, of course, and sometimes they have appeared at the same events.

They were speakers at the Congreso Nacional Latino last September. Also, last April 27 they were in an interview together on Univision's La Nueva 101.9 FM before the May 1 boycott.

So now would be a perfect time for the Cardinal to speak up and be heard in defense of the vulnerable elderly, ill and incapacitated whom the suicide-by-doctor bill is targeting.

And if the Cardinal does not speak up, the rest of us had better speak up ourselves -- which we should do anyway, of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the headline in the P-T and figured you'd be all over it. The Cardinal speak out for life - not likely. The best we're likely to get is a press release from the Chancery.

You're right, though, we need to be vocal ourselves. His contact info is here: http://tinyurl.com/39rd2z

Ya gotta love the opening sentence of his "Dear Friends" letter on is website:

"All Californians deserve access to good schools, quality healthcare and a government concerned about and responsive to their needs."

His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Paul in Long Beach, CA

3:21 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Paul in Long Beach,

Glad to hear from you! Like always, we think alike!

And you sure have pinpointed Nunez's hypocrisy.

To him and his ilk, "quality healthcare" means us taxpayers paying abortionists to kill hundreds of thousands of babies every year.

And to him and his ilk, "a government concerned about" our "needs" means letting doctors rub us all out when we get old, ill, incapacitated, etc., especially if we are poor.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's a sad state of affairs - and a reflection on the state of the Church - that this story hasn't generated more outrage. It wasn't so long ago that Kevorkian was gaining headlines; now the state says, "good idea, let's do it."

Paul in Long Beach

9:43 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

I'll even write the Cardinal's letter for him (I assume Nunez is at least nominally Catholic):

Dear Assemblyman Nunez:

Your position of support for assisted-suicide legislation, openly given and publicly reported in the press, is gravely contrary to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. In case you doubt me, I have enclosed a copy of the Catechism with articles 2277 through 2279 highlighted for you. On pain of automatic excommunication, including exclusion from the Eucharist in my Archdiocese, I instruct you to repudiate publicly your support for this legislation no later than 7 days after receipt of this letter, and to avoid taking any similar positions in future.

In Christ,

Just copy and paste, Your Eminence. While you're at it, make versions to send to the dozens of other Catholic pols in your area who regularly flaunt Church teachings.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Paul in Long Beach,

You are sure right about the slippery slope from Kevorkian to now. Thanks for the input.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Dover Beachcomber,

That is a great letter you have written. It is a model letter.

Your suggestions, "Just copy and paste, Your Eminence," and "make copies to distribute," are entirely fair to make to Cardinal Mahony and to all the ordinaries around the USA whose flocks include anti-life politicians.

11:44 AM  

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