Feb 26, 2007

Come leaflet at the wRECk this Saturday, March 3 -- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

YOU are needed this Saturday, March 3. YOU can help. Will you, please?

Your fellow Catholics need YOU to join them. Just for an hour or two, or more, if you can. All you have to do is pass out informational flyers to people going into or out of this year's Religious Education Congress (REC). You can also help hold signs or banners.

Once again, the Concerned Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA) will prayerfully demonstrate, and hand out flyers to warn attendees to beware of and avoid the REC's many pro-homosexual, anti-life, dissenter speakers.

CRCOA needs more friends to help out. That's where YOU come in. Lots of people know it's a good idea to demonstrate, but few actually DO it. Won't you help?

CRCOA will stand up for our Church and Her teachings this Saturday, in front of the Congress entrance from 9:00 AM to around 6:00 PM. They ask volunteers to have their Rosary in their hands at all times. The Congress is at the Anaheim Convention Center, 800 West Katella Ave., Anaheim, on the south side of Katella between Katella and Euclid.

The volunteers will meet outside the main ticket entrance. For more information, call CRCOA at: 714-491-2284, e-mail them at: crcoa@earthlink.net, fax them at: 714-772-5075, or go to their Website (click on this post's title).

Please come and help warn unsuspecting, unwary fellow Catholics. You'll meet some good friends in CRCOA and you'll know you've done your best for Catholic truth in the face of error.

Thank you in advance, and God bless!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THe native Americans are holding a Mass at this function Friday evening.

Are they aware by doing this they are endorsing the most corrupt of the Catholic Heresies which promote and endorse homosexuality and murder for profit in abortion?

8:11 PM  

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