Feb 18, 2007

Exhibit at L.A. cathedral flaunted homosexuality

If you had more than 400 lawsuits pending against your archdiocese for molestations by your clergy, many of which crimes were homosexual in nature, would you make every effort to avoid seeming to countenance homosexuality, or would you instead flaunt it at your headquarters?

Well, as the online California Catholic Daily reported back on February 11 (click on this post's title), and our good friend Kenneth Fisher and also Roman Catholic Blog have reiterated since then:

The conference room at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on the evening of February 10 was the scene of "Amigos y Amantes" ("Friends and Lovers"), an art exhibit and auction by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The event featured art items that one California Daily Catholic reader who saw a TV preview of it called "really gross -- men hugging, tops bared, nude males back scenes."

No wonder pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia politicians such as Fabian Nunez feel free to promote the culture of death right in front of Cardinal Mahony and the other California bishops:

Our hierarchy, nationally and locally, has compromised the Church's moral authority thanks to the clergy-molestation-and-hierarchy-coverup scandal, and events such as the February 10 art exhibit at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels pour salt in the wounds.


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