Jul 29, 2007

Op-ed piece: Cardinal Mahony and bishops should step down

You have to register to see the bulk of it, so I haven't done that, but ole Q has found out that an opinion piece in today's (July 29) Santa Barbara News-Press, by law professor Stanislaus Pulle, calls for Cardinal Roger Mahony and his bishops and top staffers to resign right away.

The online edition of the newspaper supplies only this paragraph from the op-ed piece:

"It's time now that the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston be replicated in the archdiocese of Los Angeles, if a meaningful healing and unifying process is to emerge from the crises of these past seven years. Cardinal Roger Mahony and all those who aided and assisted him, including associate bishops, must submit their resignations without further delay if the [C]hurch is to regain its spiritual and temporal preeminence in the nation's largest Catholic congregation encompassing Los Angeles..."


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