Nov 6, 2007

Bishop Vasa slams disobedient, pro-contraception Catholics

In his latest column (click on this post's title) in The Catholic Sentinel, the newspaper of the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, Bishop Robert Vasa (pictured above) slams the pro-contraception Catholics who have disobeyed, and continue to disobey, the Church's teaching against artificial contraception.

I'm happy to see that my recent post about Humanae Vitae's approaching 40th anniversary echoes what this faithful bishop has said.
Incidentally, just today (Tuesday), a Reuters story by Will Dunham says this:
"A European study released on Tuesday has raised new concerns about the safety of women's long-term use of the birth control pill, suggesting increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

"Women who had used oral contraceptives were more likely than those who did not take the pill to have a buildup of plaque in their arteries, the researchers told an American Heart Association meeting.

"'The main concern is if you have higher plaque levels that you might develop a clot on one of these plaques and have a stroke or a myocardial infarction (heart attack) or sudden cardiac death,' Dr. Ernst Rietzschel of Ghent University in Belgium, who led the research, told reporters.

"'That's the main risk with having plaque, with having atherosclerosis.'
"...The researchers saw a rise of 20 to 30 percent in arterial plaque in two big arteries -- the carotid in the neck and the femoral in the leg -- for each decade of use."


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

The loyal bishops of Lincoln, Denver, and St. Louis may get more media coverage, but I tink Bishop Vasa is one of the bishops who truly is serious about being a successor of the Apostles.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Former Altar Boy,

Thank you for writing.

Let's pray for all the bishops in advance of their annual November meeting, Nov. 12-14.

9:39 PM  

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