May 11, 2009

Catholic Lobby Day is really "Catholic Flabby Day"

This week's issue of the archdiocesan newspaper The Tidings has an article (click on this post's title) about the California Catholic Conference's 11th annual Catholic Lobby Day, which was held April 28 in Sacramento.

The California Catholic Conference, as you probably know, is the California bishops' lobbying organization. On the "lobby days," Catholics buttonhole state legislators and their staffs about selected pieces of pending legislation.

Here is what the article says:

"This year a total of 650 people participated, including six bishops, 14 seminarians from St. John Seminary, deacons, priests and parishioners of all ages. The Los Angeles contingent [of 80 people] was led by Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Solis, director of the Office of Justice and Peace, and San Gabriel Region Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala."

The article says they lobbied for three pending bills:

* to allow "the review of cases and resentencing of youth who have been incarcerated for more than 10 years and were sentenced to life without parole before the age of 18"

* to "expand existing law so that the newborn eligible for surrender can be up to 30 days old, rather than the current 72 hours"

* to "simplify the food stamp process by moving the frequency of reports to every six months instead of once a quarter."

You are right: There is no mention of any lobbying the state legislators on behalf of preborn babies and their right to life. Would it hurt the lobbyists to add that to their list?

As we know, the liberals always tell pro-lifers, "Oh, you can't be truly pro-life unless you adopt our liberal agenda." Well, we should point out to our Catholic Lobby Day folk, "You can't be truly pro-life unless you become actively anti-abortion."

The CCC and its Catholic lobbyists need to realize that they can lobby against legislation as well as for it -- they can lobby legislators to repeal pro-abortion laws, such as the ones that use California taxpayers' money to pay abortionists for each baby they kill.

Until the CCC's "Lobby Days" include actively lobbying to save preborn babies' lives and protect them from the abortionists, they are really only "Catholic Flabby Days."


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