Dec 27, 2009

Raymond Arroyo says it appears "The Catholic Health Association supports the 'morally unacceptable' abortion compromise"

In his post for December 26, EWTN newscaster and blogger Raymond Arroyo says the following (click on this post's title):

" appears that the Catholic Health Association, the trade organization for the nation's Catholic hospitals[,] is backing the Senate Health Reform Bill and the most recent 'abortion compromise.' This is in open defiance of the Bishops['] position."

It's just about entirely the case that liberal Catholics have never seen a pro-abortion Democrat bill that they didn't love, or for that matter a pro-abortion Democrat politician whom they didn't love.

And not only do the liberal Catholics love the pro-abortion Democrats, they love them more than they love Catholic doctrine -- and they love the pro-abortion Democrats far, far more than they love our abortion-targeted preborn babies.

The liberal Catholics' words and actions, both, prove the truth of these assessments.


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