Aug 15, 2005

Christian video games?

Nice try. Won't fly.

Go HERE for the story.


Blogger CS said...

To me, the problem with much of the gaming world is so not so much that it needs overtly religious themes, but to cut out the sleaze and gore. These (obviously Protestant) folks have nice intentions, but the end product isn't gonna cut it.
Just like their forays into rock music and comic books, 'Left Behind: the RPG' or whatever is going turn out kind of cheesy. (Please don't flame if you're into it, no offense!).
Personally, I have to avoid 80% percent of new releases because they have filth in them I want nothing to do with. I would love seeing such stuff banned. Overall, the best answer to the problem is to clean up gaming, legally, morally, and financially.

8:37 PM  

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