Aug 13, 2005

Most liberal and most conservative cities in U.S.

BERKELEY, CA – A new nationwide study released today by the nonpartisan Bay Area Center for Voting Research (BACVR) ranks the political leanings of every American city and finds that Detroit, Michigan is the most liberal and Provo, Utah the most conservative.

In all, the BACVR researchers examined voting patterns of 237 American cities with populations of over 100,000 and ranked them each on liberal and conservative scales.

The list of America’s most liberal cities is dominated by cities with large African American populations that are concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest and California. Conversely, the study found that the staunchest conservative cities are clustered in the South and interior West and have extremely low numbers of African American residents.

For full report go HERE (pdf file).

America's 25 Most Liberal Cities

1 Detroit, Michigan
2 Gary, Indiana
3 Berkeley, California
4 Washington, D.C., Dist. of Columbia
5 Oakland, California
6 Inglewood, California
7 Newark, New Jersey
8 Cambridge, Massachusetts
9 San Francisco, California
10 Flint, Michigan
11 Cleveland, Ohio
12 Hartford, Connecticut
13 Paterson, New Jersey
14 Baltimore, Maryland
15 New Haven, Connecticut
16 Seattle, Washington
17 Chicago, Illinois
18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
19 Birmingham, Alabama
20 St. Louis, Missouri
21 New York, New York
22 Providence, Rhode Island
23 Minneapolis, Minnesota
24 Boston, Massachusetts
25 Buffalo, New York

America’s 25 Most Conservative Cities

1 Provo, Utah
2 Lubbock, Texas
3 Abilene, Texas
4 Hialeah, Florida
5 Plano, Texas
6 Colorado Springs, Colorado
7 Gilbert, Arizona
8 Bakersfield, California
9 Lafayette, Louisiana
10 Orange, California
11 Escondido, California
12 Allentown, Pennsylvania
13 Mesa, Arizona
14 Arlington, Texas
15 Peoria, Arizona
16 Cape Coral, Florida
17 Garden Grove, California
18 Simi Valley, California
19 Corona, California
20 Clearwater, Florida
21 West Valley City, Utah
22 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
23 Overland Park, Kansas
24 Anchorage, Alaska
25 Huntington Beach, California


Blogger Saint Johns Army said...


Conservative cities,
16 Cape Coral, Florida
17 Garden Grove, California
18 Simi Valley, California

They didn't survey the Catholic Church. I lived in Garden Grove for 45 years. I do think that Garden grove is very conservative. It is very, rich, modern and protestant. The Catholic Church in OC is Protrstant. At least Garden Grove has got the Crystal Cathedral, HA!


6:49 AM  
Blogger Saint Johns Army said...

1 Provo, Utah
2 Lubbock, Texas
3 Abilene, Texas

Utah, to my knowledge hasn't accepted "The Pill". Is that true.
At least not openly.


6:52 AM  
Blogger Barry Cuba said...

Austin didn't make the first list?

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

I'm surprised that Los Angeles didn't make the first list, and that Boston is near the bottom of it.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

I was surprised, too!

1:17 PM  
Blogger hilary said...

Another thing I noticed was size. All the largest cities (except for LA) are on the lib list. It seems that all the ones on the conservative list are quite small.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Zapp Brannigan said...

I cannot believe that Detroit is more liberal than Ann Arbor. On another point, I am mystified as to why all these places are not thriving paradises, inasmuch as liberals have total and complete control. Instead, for some reason, despite the all-knowing and omni-compassionate liberals, these places are all hell-holes. How can that be????

9:07 AM  
Blogger Dale said...

Economically liberal? If so, then I can buy into the list.

But anybody who thinks that Detroit is some hotbed of social liberalism is...ill-informed. The ban against same-sex marriage received a huge boost from Detroit voters.

I agree with Zapp--A2 is a lot more liberal--economically and socially--than either Detroit or Flint.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.O Austin isn't on the first list? Wow, that's a shocker.

6:06 PM  

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