Aug 11, 2005

The wreck of the rector

St. Patrick's rector resigns
What is a 79 year old Monsignor doing spending so much time alone with an attractive, married woman who is nearly half his age? Clark denies anything untoward in his relationship with Mrs. DeFilippo but I think he is going to find it immensely difficult if not impossible to defend his innocence. I suppose it's possible to posit that Monsignor Clark, dressed in civvies, and his secretary, clad in short-shorts, checked into the motel room together and spent 5 hours there watching EWTN reruns on satellite. But really, who's going to believe that?

What a tragic ending to what was thought to be a remarkable ecclesiastical career. But then, maybe that's precisely the problem. Sadly, perhaps, the priesthood for Monsignor Clark had become just that: a career.


Blogger skeetor said...

I think this is the case of a man who tried to do the right this throughout his life, but ended up failing... or giving in. It shouldn't be excused but I do not think it should be in the newwspaper either.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Saint Johns Army said...

If it wasn't for those darn pictures!

2:34 PM  

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