Apr 13, 2006

Abortion a non-issue for Cardinal Mahony

Here is more about the National Catholic Reporter's interview with Cardinal Mahony(click on this post's title) about his support for illegal immigrants.

One thing that stands out the most, as you read the Cardinal's replies, is that you deeply wish he would make similar remarks about saving BABIES in the womb from being aborted, and that he would also implement a powerful, meaningful baby-SAVING action plan that would capture national attention and inspire pro-life action everywhere.

Imagine if the Cardinal would make the following comment about our duty as Catholics to save babies from abortion: "If it affects people, then it has ethical and moral dimensions. Nothing has more dramatic moral implications than immigration policy. It greatly affects people living in our midst, people whom we serve. So it is not just a political issue, or civic issue. It’s very much who we are. Go back to Jesus."

So, is it "very much who we are" to save babies from abortionists? Nope -- not judging by the Cardinal's following remarks. This is not anything new; but once again it is evident that saving BABIES is just NOT on the Cardinal's radar screen, even though he once was the U.S. Bishops' national pro-life chairman. If baby-saving was on his heart, he would mention it right away in his list of priorities.

"...we as bishops have had opportunities to have a public voice and role, but have been very hesitant, and just kind of sat out a number of these things. I’m thinking of local things -- for example, police abuse and overreactions...The gap, the chasm, between the wealthy and the middle class … the fact there’s almost no middle class left. The minimum wage, affordable housing, we just kind of sat it out, because we were afraid to appear above the sandbags. We were hiding...[We have] To venture forth and say [that the sexual abuse crisis] is not the only thing affecting the life of the church. We have a mission, and we have to follow it without hesitation. I’m hopeful this will free us up to be church again in the community."

Sorry, Your Eminence, but as long as you essentially ignore the ongoing, no-end-in-sight, WORST crime and injustice in the USA, the SLAYINGS of 4,000 INFANTS every day, anything else you substitute is going to FAIL to help you "be church again."


Blogger Jared said...

Abortion is the worst crime in history. The most violent. The most savage. The most gruesome. The most inexcusable. The most harmful to all humanity.

And the most preventable, if only those with the authority to speak and the audience to listen would stand.

This cardinal ... I'm gonna take flak from the lefties (if any are still reading) for saying this ... this cardinal's silence and inaction elicits such a strong wave of nausea in me ....

Fifty million of my fellow citizens (not to mention those casualties taken in foreign lands)--all Holy Innocents in a very one-sided War--cry out for an end to this scourge.

And the cardinal wants to know why I drive a 1991 Nissan while my neighbor drives a 2006 Bentley? Why I spend double in LA on rent for a one-bedroom what my friends spend on a mortgage for a house in Chicago-land? In light of the gap--the chasm that spans the difference between my life and my fallen brethren's death--who the Hell cares?


12:35 AM  
Anonymous Jesse said...


What's with this cardinal? Is he even Catholic? Does he really believe? Who is he really working for? Does he have a conscience? Can he not see the spiritual and moral devastation his 20 plus years in L.A. have left in their wake? Is he beyond repentance?

I am completely mystified by this man. I worry about his soul. I pray for him. But again, I have to ask, has he completely "gone over to the dark side?"

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Andrew S. said...

The Cardinal still has time to repent. Any sin can be forgiven.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...


Remember Mt. 12, that all sin can be forgiven....except the sin against the Holy Spirit. Which has always been understood as a level of pride that refuses to even admit the *need* for repentance.

His Eminence may well require some kind of life-jarring intervention of divine grace. Maybe jail time for shuffling admitted pervert priest around would do it, and I say this with no malice.

One thing is certain: Two decades of articulated opposition from tradition-minded Catholics, and the pitiful sight of the wreckage he's helped create in the Archdiocese haven't put a dent in his resolve to keep on truckin.'

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Vincent said...

Next door we have Bishop Brown, who is not so nice either:


5:29 PM  
Blogger Kenneth Fisher, Founder & CRCOA said...


The answer to your question is found in the Bible: "By their fruits ye shall know them"!


How can the Cardinal possibly do what you wisely recommend? To do so, he would have to give back the millions of dollars he accepted from pro-abortion public figures to build his RogMahal, he would have to remove their names from his honor roll at his RogMahal!

You can see those names on his honor roll by going to our Website at: www.crcoa.com.

God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman, Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

12:07 AM  

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