Nov 12, 2006

Another "pro-life" Catholic politician shows his true colors

Have any of your friends here in L.A. been telling you that we should support "pro-life" Democrats like Bob Casey Jr., the new Senator-elect from Pennsylvania?

Tell them they are 100% wrong.

According to pro-family groups, the day after the election, the homosexual group Human Rights [sic] Campaign issued a press release in which the supposedly pro-life, pro-family Casey said he would be pushing in the U.S. Senate for a federal "hate crimes" bill.

Obviously, that is the kind of bill that would include "sexual orientation" [sic] and "gender identity" [sic] and so on as hooks upon which to have the federal government persecute Catholics and others who oppose the homosexual agenda of taking over every facet of society.

The pro-family groups say homosexual and far left groups gave Casey mega-bucks and he is paying them back already.

So if your pastor or fellow parishioners praise Casey to you, tell them the truth about him: He is a disaster. He will tear down the common good, not build it up; he will promote division and discord, not unity. We do not need his kind in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles or anywhere.


Blogger West Coast Catholic said...

I fully believe that the Catholic Church will start seeing a push to except gay marriages.

We are already seeing this in San Francisco in the Catholic Adoption agencies.

With Nancy in charge of the House, it's a sure thing she'll run things the same way as in her home town.

...I'm so disappointed in the Prop 85 issue.
How could Catholic parents vote against parental notification?

I heard for the first time a new phrase (new at least for me)

RINO Catholics (Religious In Name Only)

As Fr. Corapi would say "Surrender is not an option."

WCC +<><

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Jack Clough said...

Your opinion on:

1) the American Bishops and the proposals for "Gay" Pastoral/Ministry Guidelines and Funding for New John Jay Report. "Agree" or "Disagree"

2) the "Talking about Touching" program is in full force in the St. Paul - Minneapolis Archdiocese. The program is now in Archdiocese of Los Angeles. "Agree" or "Disagree"

Thank you.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

How short our memories are! The late Governor Bob Casey was also a liberal in most issues.

The only hope America ever had was for a moral rebirth. Unfortunately the priests who could lead that movement are being shafted by their duly appointed Bishops, therefore the only hope the Church has, other than direct intervention from God which will happen if we don't straighten out, is moral rebirth as well!

We are now over 3500 signatures on the petition in support of Fr. Robert Altier who is definitely one of those who is trying in spite of his Bishop to lead us in a moral rebirth.

To sign the petition, go to: While you are there,you can also view the blasphemous Halloween Mass that took place under Bishop Brown in the Diocese of Orange

Kenneth M. Fisher

1:44 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear West Coast Catholic,

Thank you for writing. Yes, the secularists will push the Church to do many wrong things, and somebody, somewhere, is going to have to speak up in defense of the flock and of Catholic truth.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for reminding everyone that Bob Casey Sr. was a liberal. And he could have done much more for the right to life when he was in office than he did, by the way.

11:21 PM  

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