Nov 16, 2006

Cave men treated babies better than we do

Today's USA Today (page 4D) reports on an article in Nature magazine about three babies, including twins, from 25,000 B.C. (Upper Paleolithic period) in Austria who were buried with ivory beads and mammoth tusks, just like grownups of that time.

The article in Nature (click on this post's title) says:
"Here we describe two recently discovered infant burials from this period at Krems-Wachtberg in Lower Austria, in which the bodies were covered with red ochre and decorated with ornaments and were therefore probably ritually buried. These findings indicate that even newborns were considered to be full members of these hunter-gatherer communities about 27,000 years ago..."

Notice how the modern authors say "even." "Even newborns." They sound a bit like Peter Singer of Princeton, the professor who thinks killing newborn babies might be okay.

One of the biggest struggles of our time is to get people to admit what our "cave man" ancestors knew 27,000 years ago, that babies are "full members [of our] communities."

Right here in L.A., abortionists' aborted baby victims have been found dumped in fields, stored in semi rigs (16,000 babies were found that way in 1981 or so) and so on.

A burial ceremony eventually was held for the 16,000 aborted babies found in the truck, but not before a big struggle in the courts and denunciations of pro-lifers.

Yes, the cave men in Austria 27,000 years ago were more decent and humane than we are in ole L.A. today.


Blogger Tiber Jumper said...

So sad , thanks for posting.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Tiber Jumper,

You're welcome. Let's take heart in the promptings of conscience and the grace of God that still reach hearts today, as they did in yesteryear and will do in the future.

11:15 PM  

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