Dec 27, 2006

Nuns urged people to vote for pro-abort politicians

The New York Times ran an article by David D. Kirkpatrick the day after Christmas, "Consultant Helps Democrats Embrace Faith, and Some in the Party Are Not Pleased."

The article should have been entitled, "Consultant Helps the Faithful Embrace Democrats."

It is about Mara Vanderslice, 31, "an evangelical" and the founder of Common Good Strategies, a political consulting group. She has rebounded from being pro-abortion John Kerry's religion adviser in 2004.

Says the Times, she and her business partner Eric Sapp are being credited with helping some Democrat candidates "make deep inroads among white evangelical and churchgoing Roman Catholic voters in Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania."

They even helped, among others, the flaming pro-abortion Catholic governors Jennifer Granholm of Michigan and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas.

All that Miz Vanderslice and Sapp are doing, of course, is giving voters flimsy excuses to call themselves Christian while betraying tens of millions of preborn babies and their right to life.

The most sickening news in the article is this:

"In Michigan and Ohio they enlisted nuns in phone banks to urge voters who were Catholic or opposed abortion rights [sic!] to support Democratic candidates, with some of the nuns saying they were making the case in religious terms."

Can anyone say now that the U.S. bishops' "seamy garment," the "consistent ethic of life," does not give millions of Catholics the handy "out" clause they need to vote pro-abortion? (As if we needed any more proof after 30 years of this disgraceful fraud. Sorry, liberals, but the Popes have said aborting babies is the issue above all others.)


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