Nov 10, 2007

New York Times notes Catholics' interest in Latin Mass

Today's (Nov. 10) New York Times carries a report (click on this post's title) on Catholics' interest in the Latin Mass since the Holy Father issued Summorum Pontificum (the photo above is from the Times article).

The article says Kelly Rein, 16, of New Jersey "was struck by the reverence of the Latin Mass." She says, "It's quiet. People are paying people are completely focused on God.”"
Hey, liberals! She says, "People are paying attention" and "completely focused on God." How's that for "full and active participation?"
The article says there is no groundswell, but there is an undeniable interest, including among young people such as Kelly. It quotes litugists as being surprised by young people's interest but stilll predicting the Latin Mass will not catch on in a big way.
Nevertheless, more from the article:
“'I have no memory of the Latin Mass from my childhood,' Anne McLaughlin said at St. Leo’s. 'But for me it’s so refreshing to see him facing the east, the Tabernacle, focusing on Christ.'

"Her daughter Aine, 15, agreed and said, 'It’s so much prettier.'"
And more:
“'The Mass was like this for 1,500 years, and it was changed by committee in the 1960s,' Joseph Dagostino, 35, said after a Wednesday night service at St. Andrew’s. Joseph Strada, 62, said, 'When you can change the liturgy, you can change anything.' Mr. Dagostino interjected, 'Like the Church’s teachings on abortion or the sanctity of life.'”
Uh-oh, better excommunicate those last two (I'm being sarcastic in saying that); liberal Catholics don't like hearing from pro-Latin Mass pro-lifers!


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I must agree totally. The TLM is a grace flowing Sacrifice. I love it. (and I'm only 22, and haven't been raised in the TLM)

11:45 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear I Dare You,

Good for you! Maybe you can get your friends and relatives to join you there, or maybe you already have.

That's a beautiful term you use, "a grace flowing Sacrifice."

God bless --

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article stated the following:

"Mass has emerged in just one or two parishes in most of the 25 largest dioceses in the country, according to a phone survey of the dioceses.

"In some dioceses, there is so far almost no interest, diocesan officials said."

A survey of diocesan official? How many of the "Novus Ordo" diocesan official would give you a strait answer regarding interest in the Traaditional Latin Mass? Duh

7:05 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Ray,

Thanks for writing! No doubt some liberals minimize or ignore the people's love for the Latin Mass.


9:28 PM  

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