Jan 13, 2009

Here's what a pro-life parish can accomplish

If you want to inspire your bishop, your pastor and your fellow parishioners and get them going about actually saving babies, have them each read the article "Parish's Big Victories" (click on this post's title) in the Dec. 21-Jan. 3 issue of the National Catholic Register.

The report is about St. Helena of the True Cross of Jesus Parish in Corpus Christi, Texas, and its pro-life pastor Fr. James Farfaglia and pro-life parishioners.

"The single most important thing a member of the clergy can do is be on the front lines of the sidewalk,” said parishioner Ray Reeves. "The presence of a Roman collar and rosary beads is probably the single most powerful message that a pastor could send to his parishioners about his dedication to life."

Parishioner Therese Perez said, "When I joined St. Helena’s, I didn’t realize the extent Father James would lead us into an actively pro-life parish. It really is a remarkable difference."

She says, about the local abortion chamber, "When we started two years ago, the parking lot would be overflowing to the point where customers had to park on the street. Now it's so different. There are much less people [coming as customers]. The only thing we can attribute our success to is the power of prayer and presence."

She concludes, "Thanks to Father James, there’s a lot of good fruit. As parishioners, we have seen our lives and our whole attitude toward life change because of the graces we’ve received in this ministry."

Every parish in the USA -- including all those inside the abortions-soaked bounds of our Archdiocese of L.A. -- should be like St. Helena. Don't you agree? Let's get going!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Quintero. It'd be great if all priests would do as much they can to rally the troops on the front lines of the war against abortion. How blessed the congregants of the Texas church are to have a shepherd like him!

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