Dec 27, 2006

Pro-abort pols use pro-illegals stance to disarm bishops

This excerpt from an article in the June 13, 2006, issue of the National Catholic Reporter (click on this post's title) is revealing about pro-abortion Catholic politicians and the Catholic cardinals and bishops who share some or all of their trendy liberal ideology and therefore let them get away with enabling the killings of God's precious preborn babies by the tens of millions:

"Speaking at the International Congress on Churches in Mexico City in November 2005, San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez said, 'This debate stopped being an abstraction when in the last presidential election one of the candidates was a Catholic who calls himself devout and who has, however, defended the most radical positions in favor of abortion.'

"Continued Gomez, '[A] Catholic cannot say that he is Catholic, and at the same time disagree with the doctrine of the church in essential matters. In order to be a Catholic, we need to believe like a Catholic, to act like a Catholic and to speak like a Catholic.'

"No wonder [Rep. Charles] Gonzalez [D-Texas] was nervous when scheduled to meet with Gomez.

“'We have a new archbishop in San Antonio,' Gonzalez, referring to Gomez, told the May 10 panel on Catholic progressives. 'It took me about three months to get up the courage to sit there with him and discuss things because I knew that I was basically not on the "right side" of three major issues. The good news is that we spent very little time on one of those issues and then spent a lot of time on immigration, [where] obviously I’m right in line with the Catholic Church.'

"The debate over immigration legislation has provided an opening for Democrats anxious to align themselves with the church hierarchy when they can. Case in point, the April 28 visit of Cardinals Roger Mahony and Theodore McCarrick with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Catholic Sens. Edward Kennedy and Richard Durbin.

“'We need the church’s voice now as much as ever to urge Congress and the president to get the job done – and to do it in a way that upholds our best values and traditions as a nation of immigrants,' Kennedy told the press following that meeting. (Later that day, Cardinals Mahony and McCarrick, joined by Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley, met with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and held a similar news conference.)"

Can you hear the cries of the 4,000 babies who are aborted every day in this country, and who will be for years to come thanks to the Catholic-voter-enabled recapture of Congress? The babies are saying, "Thanks a lot, Archbishop Gomez, Cardinal Mahony and Cardinal McCarrick. Why can't you do more, much, much more, to save our lives and help our moms?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Archbishop Gomez missed a prime opportunity with Rep. Gonzalez--and that man KNEW he was in the wrong! He knew it! Oone can discuss political issues all day long but the opportunity was there for ONE soul--what is the value of one soul? We worry about living conditions and so forth, and rightly so--but what of the eternal living conditions? Why are not more bishops concerned with the care of souls? This is what I cannot understand.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Congressman knows he is not on the right side of the pro-life issue then he should get himself there immediately.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Gomez is just another episcopal blowhard who doesn't have the courage of his convictions.

You know why immigration (legal and otherwise) matters more to the bishops than abortion? First, the bishops -- like most of the West's liberal intelligencia -- have confused "compassion" with indulgence. They believe that setting legitimate limits on immigrant behavior (such as insisting that they enter legally) is not compassionate. Well, allowing hospital emergency rooms to close because of the flood of illegal immigrants who use them isn't very compassionate, either. Then again, that's why nations make rules concerning immigration.

Second, the bishops lust so much after political influence and prestige, and are so infatuated with being in the company of politicians, that they'll sell their very souls for that access and potential influence.

Seems like nothing much has changed since the days of Luther, has it?

This time, however, the Church doesn't need a second Reformation. It needs a swift kick in the ass by Christ Himself!

5:42 PM  

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