Jan 5, 2007

Mrs. Lugosi -- oh, I mean, "Mrs. Pelosi"

Flaming pro-abortion extremist fanatic ideologue zealot Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is now the Speaker of the House, and second in line for the Presidency after Veep Dick Cheney.

This ardent supporter of during-birth abortion ("partial-birth abortion") calls herself Catholic and is flaunting the Faith this week even as she flouts it.

Like pro-abortion Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton conspicuously toting that gigantic Bible to church on Sundays in between his Oval Office assignations with intern Monica Lewinsky, Nancy Pelosi attended Holy Mass both Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday she went to her alma mater, Trinity University in Washington, D.C., for a Mass ostensibly being said "for the children of Darfur and Katrina." Not a peep from her about "the children of Roe vs. Wade" -- the 50 million babies aborted with the collusion of, yes, Nancy Pelosi. "Pelosi approved details down to the music for the Mass," said the L.A. Times.

Well, there was one mention of those dear babies -- from pro-life picketers outside. Two mentions, in fact; the second was the American Life League's full-page newspaper ad

On Thursday the abortion fanatic Mrs. Pelosi went to St. Peter's Church near the Capitol.

Attention, members of the hierarchy and the clergy in the D.C. area -- it is your duty to say it loudly to Mrs. Pelosi: "You cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion." Or do you not believe that?


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