Jan 19, 2009

Does it really take courage to send a postcard?

Someone showed me a copy of a fax that Cardinal Mahony sent last week to invite parishes to take part in the U.S. bishops' anti-FOCA postcard campaign (click on this post's title) set for next weekend, Jan. 24-25, and the weekend after that, Jan. 31-Feb. 1.

FOCA is the abolish-all-protections-for-babies-in-the-womb Freedom of Choice Act. The bishops want parishes to get the anti-FOCA postcards and have parishioners sign them so they can be sent to their reps in Congress.

Let's hope your parish and mine are taking part in the bishops' postcard campaign.

Obama pledged to Planned Parenthood in 2007 that he would sign FOCA into law as soon as he could. It hasn't been introduced yet in this new session of Congress.

The cardinal writes, "In defense of innocent human life, we are called to be courageous." Let's hope he doesn't really think the tiny step of doing a postcard campaign is courageous, or is all that we need to do to defend preborn babies.

After all, every day, here in L.A. and across America, pro-lifers, including grandmas and mommies with babies in strollers, take steps that are actually courageous in defense of preborn babies: Assembling outside abortion chambers for sidewalk prayer and counseling, and thus risking false accusations by the deathscorts, arrest, trial, jail terms and heavy fines.

We are indeed "called to be courageous," and that involves more than postcards.


Blogger Karen Williams said...

Well put..thanks for being courageous enough to post it! Sad to say, I find it easy to picture a lot of folks just chucking them. There's a big battle ahead; I hope we're ready.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...

...and just to show how hopelessly out of touch they are the want postcards not emails.
The first bailout was defeated by EMAILS to the relevant Congressmen:
Boxer, Feinstein, and in my case Drier.
I'll try to get the web addresses for y'all.
Speaking of which my kids got invited to the Anaheim REC this year. Where's Ken Fisher???

4:02 PM  

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