Jan 14, 2009

That convent is Santa Barbara is history

Remember the convent of the Sisters of Bethany in Santa Barbara? The sisters left some time ago, and now I'm reliably informed that the convent has been demolished -- in preparation for a larger church for the next-door Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

I do not know the particulars, but I have heard indications that some original backers of the sisters ended up not on their side. Let's say a prayer for everyone involved in the past brouhaha, and let's pray that the story will have a happy ending overall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did some people not support the sisters? do you know where they are now?

10:46 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous 10:46 p.m.,

I don't know the particulars of the latter stages of the situation of the sisters and the convent.

I'd have to look up the most recent news reports about the sisters, but I believe those news stories said the sisters are happy and are residing in other convents of their order, the Sisters of Bethany.

5:46 PM  

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