Jan 23, 2009

The March for Life was the biggest ever this year

If you saw the annual March for Life in our Nation's capital today on Mother Angelica's EWTN, you know that the massive throng of pro-lifers was incredibly huge and the largest ever.

For about two hours, pro-lifers marched along Constitution Avenue 50-across from curb to curb.

Typically, and disgracefully, many news media outlets refused to mention the march, and most of the ones who did mention it lied by describing the marchers as only "thousands."

The Washington Times article (click on this post's title) quoted a marcher who guessed 250,000, but the number had to have been bigger than that.

So many of the marchers were young -- college and high school and twenties -- that pro-aborts, including liberal Catholics , have to know that the tide of history, to use an Obamaism, is passing them by and the future will be pro-life.


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