Oct 23, 2009

Bishop Patrick Ziemann has died at age 68. Oremus.

Resigned Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann died at a monastery in Arizona yesterday of pancreatic cancer at age 68, the Los Angeles Times reports today (click on this link's title).

Fr. Henri Capdeville, superior of the monastery, said of Bishop Ziemann, "He did some reparations [sic] for the harms he did in the best way he could."

Let us pray for the repose of Bishop Ziemann's soul. Let us also pray for everyone affected because of the scandals. May anyone who left the Church return to the Sacraments.

A good prayer to offer for these and all such intentions is, "Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!"

Oct 16, 2009

Wow! Bishop says so-called spirit of Vatican II "is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised..."

Wow! Big news!

The online National Catholic Register (click on this post's title) reports that a U.S. bishop -- Bishop R. Walker Nickless of the Diocese of Sioux City -- has just issued a pastoral letter in which he rips the phony "spirit of Vatican II" with which liberal Catholics have been tearing apart our Church for the last almost five decades.

You can find a pdf file of Bishop Nickless's new pastoral letter, Ecclesia Semper Reformanda, or "The Church Is Always in Need of Reform," at his diocesan website: http://www.scdiocese.org

Bishop Nickless writes:

"There can be no split, however, between the Church and her faith before and after the Council. We must stop speaking of the 'Pre-Vatican II' and 'Post-Vatican II' Church, and stop seeing various characteristics of the Church as 'pre' and 'post' Vatican II. Only the 'hermeneutic of reform' [is legitimate and] has borne and is bearing fruit."

Bishop Nickless adds, "The 'spirit of Vatican II' must be found only in the letter of the documents themselves." Then he drops this bombshell: "The so-called 'spirit' of the Council… is a ghost or demon that must be exorcised if we are to proceed with the Lord’s work."

"DEMON that MUST be EXORCISED" -- think about and pray about the implications of that statement! Then tell everyone you know to look up the pastoral letter, read it, and alert their own contacts, and so on.

Spread the word far and wide.

This is something that's needed to be said for almost 50 years. So it's big news, for sure!

Deo gratias!

(By the way, sorry I haven't been able to post anything for the past couple of weeks. Thank you for checking in here and being a friend of Ole Q. Please keep looking in! God bless you!)

Oct 1, 2009

The Polanski case reveals liberals' hypocrisy and depravity

Did you hear about the recent arrest of movie-maker Roman Polanski, 76, in Switzerland, for his sex crimes against a 13-year-old some 32 years ago?

Some big-name liberals are decrying the arrest and trying to minimize Polanski's crimes -- and some are even denying that his crimes were crimes at all.

Of course, no doubt many of these same liberals have attacked the entire Catholic Church for the clergy sex abuse crimes.

And it is a sure bet that virtually none of these liberals ever blast the government ("public") schools for all the rampant sex crimes that those places' employees commit against students.

My point here obviously is not to minimize or excuse clergy sex crimes, but to say again what I've said before: That people who truly want to protect all children from sex crimes need to target all the sex criminals, not just those among the clergy. And if these people do not do that, then they are guilty of hypocrisy, and some of them are guilty of depraved ideology, too.

To see the Catholic League's excellent commentary on all this, click on this post's title.

Can donate to help American Samoa, Indonesia, etc.

You have probably heard about the earthquakes that have devastated Indonesia and the tsunamis that have devastated American Samoa.

To help the people of American Samoa and Indonesia and elsewhere in those regions, we can contribute to Catholic Relief Services (click on this post's title).

Let us pray for the people of American Samoa and for their relatives and friends here in the Southland, and the same for the people of Indonesia and everywhere affected by the disasters.
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