May 31, 2005

I'm IT

Yes, I've been tagged by Clayton over at The Weight of Glory, along with 4 other bloggers, to participate in a "chain-blog" by answering 5 questions on my blog and then "tagging" 5 others to do the same on each of their respective blogs. This "chain-blog" is called a MEME.

So here I go.

1. The total number of books I own: about 300 (too many; I need to get rid of a bunch)

2. The last book I bought: Called to Communion: Understanding the Church Today by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

3. The last book I read: Three to Get Married by Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me: Catechism of the Catholic Church, Spiritual Combat Revisited, Journal of a Soul, The Sadness of Christ, Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century.

5. Tag five people: Father Ethan, Jeff G., Victor, Gen X Revert, Earl.

Light in darkness

Clayton's The Weight of Glory blog reports on a Corpus Christi Mass and Eucharistic procession which took place last Sunday at the Dominican Sisters' Monastery of the Angels in Hollywood.

Were there any other Eucharistic events in L.A. this past weekend? Does anyone know if anything special took place at the Cathedral to honor our Eucharistic Lord?

The world's first tabernacle

A point of meditation for this Feast of the Visitation taken from Ecclesia de Eucharistia (Pope John Paul II)

Mary also anticipated, in the mystery of the incarnation, the Church's Eucharistic faith. When, at the Visitation, she bore in her womb the Word made flesh, she became in some way a "tabernacle" ­ the first "tabernacle" in history ­ in which the Son of God, still invisible to our human gaze, allowed Himself to be adored by Elizabeth, radiating His light as it were through the eyes and the voice of Mary. [55]

May 30, 2005


Click on pics.

Go to Curt Jester for details.

The 'I have a (pipe) dream' sermon

I promise. This is the last sermon snippet of the insufferable Father Kester that I am going to post. I just couldn't pass this one up.

"I enjoy being a priest. I would not say that I am ecstatic about being a priest ... I have to admit I've got pipe dreams. Sometimes when I'm driving down the road or just sitting in my room I get this 'wouldn't-it-be-nice feeling.' I'm in a little better position for pipe dreams than most priests are. As many of you know, my parents left me moderately well off. I have a condo out in Palm Springs that I own outright; the bank doesn't have any of it. And I've gotta a little nest egg put away and some days I think, you know, I'd just like to chuck it all, move out to Palm Springs permanently, tell off a few members of the hierarchy as I drive by ... um ... ah ... um ... and, you know, if I need to flip hamburgers for the rest of my life, so be it."

Hey, Fathah, go flip burgers.

And wipe that smile off your face.

If you dare to hear more, go HERE.

Transgendered Fairy or Barbie on steroids?

This is one of the "angels" that adorn the consecration candles at Mahony's Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral.

With all of Mahony's talk about "making the Church safe for children," I fail see how these terrifying creatures are going to help him achieve that goal.

For more on "Roger's Angels," go HERE.

Curt Jester on the not-so-curt-Kester

Wipe that smile off your face.

Curt Jester and bloggers comment on L.A.'s homiletic luminary, Father Kevin Kester.

Not all the news in L.A. is bad news

Theology of the Body Study Group meets on Thursday evenings @ Father Peyton's Family Theater office, 7201 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, from 7pm to 9pm.

Thank you, Clayton Emmer.

15 for Twin Cities

(What, no Kool-aide pitchers??? Goofy Grape back in L.A. will be furious!!!)

Pray for these new priests!

Fr. Terry Beeson, Fr. Daniel Bodin, Fr. John Gallas, Fr. David Hennen, Fr. Michael Izen, Fr. Thomas Joseph, Fr. Randal Kasel, Fr. James Liekhus, Fr. Hoang Nguyen, Fr. Robert Pish, Fr. Troy Przybilla, Fr. Michael Rudolph, Fr. Erich Rutten, Fr. Christopher Shofner, Fr. Timothy Yanta

May they always be faithful and holy priests!

One for San Berdardino

Bishop Barnes ordained just one new priest for his sprawling diocese this year. This is the bishop who has pioneered priestless parishes, assigning religious women or lay people to become, in effect, "pastors" of a growing number of San Bernardino parishes. This is a sure way to kill future vocations.

It is, in fact, Bishop Barnes' parish life directors model which Los Angeles Archbishop Cardinal Mahony has adopted for his territory.

Why argue with success? If you want to kill vocations, this is the way to do it.

L.A. Preaching: People, can't we all just get along?

Another homiletic gem from Father Kester. Hear it for yourself HERE.

"We look around, there's so much religious hatred, political hatred. The surest sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit among us is that we learn to love our enemies, that we reach out and invite everybody to be a part of our religion no matter what. Can you think of anybody that you do not want to be part of our faith? Is there anybody you want to exclude because of race or education or financial abilities or gender or SEXUAL ORIENTATION or whatever? We're all one in Jesus Christ. We come to communion today at Mass. The word communion means union with; we're all together. I think as a church we need to work to include everyone. Drop our religious hatreds and bring everyone together in Jesus Christ.

Hey, guys! Father Kester welcomes you! I wonder if Father has a rainbow colored stole? Ya think so?

May 29, 2005

L.A. preaching: "I don't believe everything the Catholic Church teaches ..."

Father Kester from St. Bede's, talking about people coming into the Church at Easter, has these shocking words to say:

"[Those already baptized in another Christian faith] ... have to read this little thing that said 'I profess and believe all that the Catholic Church teaches and holds to be revealed by God.' I sat back there and I thought ... mmm ... [I'm] glad they didn't ask me to read that. I'd have to say ... I believe ... really ... a good part of it ... most of it [laughter]. I'm not sure I wanna stand up there and say I believe all [of it], everything."

"I once went and talked [about] this with my spiritual director ... [about] something I was having a little problem with, a little article of faith and he said, 'Kevin, faith is a gift from God and nobody can tell you you have to believe something. You either have the gift of faith to believe it or you don't.' I felt kind of good about that, that that would allow me to at least ponder these imponderables and not get too unglued."

Father Kester, I am told, was on a leave of absence from the active ministry for a number of years and only somewhat recently returned. I think he ought to leave again to work things out or find something else he can really believe in.

You can listen to this strange "homily" HERE.

May 27, 2005

Update on Mahony's Messenger at USC

The Daily Trojan reports ...

"Both the archdiocese and the university have received a report about a serious violation of ministerial ethics and essential professional boundaries involving inappropriate physical conduct by our campus minister, Father Bill Messenger," Jenny Schwartzkopf, religious director of the Catholic Student Association, said in a press release on May 1.

Go to my PREVIOUS POST about Father Bill Messenger.

Making the Church unsafe for future vocations to the priesthood

From The [bad] Tidings:

They work well over 40 hours a week serving the spiritual needs of parishioners in both good times and bad. They're pioneers on the front lines of one-priest parishes, preparing themselves for the day they may be called to lead church communities without a resident priest.

They are pastoral associates in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and their numbers are growing. "This program is the future of the church," said St. Joseph of Carondelet Sister Carol Quinlivan, archdiocesan pastoral associate director. "

Currently, 18 pastoral associates serve in the Archdiocese, and eight more will be commissioned this fall.

According to Sister Quinlivan, "I hope parishes continue to encourage lay leadership to come forth. It reminds me of the early church. It's a very positive and exciting time."

More on L.A.'s few, new priests

From The Tidings

There are five of them --- three born in Vietnam, one in England and one honest-to-goodness Valley boy.

Two are over age 60 --- one a widower inspired by a vocations talk at church, the other about to realize a dream that began in a Vietnamese seminary academy nearly half a century ago. One is mid-40s, a former actor and standup comic. The two youngest are (like the ex-actor) graduates of St. John's Seminary College in Camarillo.

For even more on L.A.'s new priests, go HERE and HERE.

Finding fault in L.A.

A major fault line runs under L.A. and Our Lady of the "Angles" Cathedral sits right on top of it. Remember, this is the Cathedral that Cardinal Mahony said would stand for 500 years.

Now what was it they said about the Titanic before it sunk?

Bad boy bishops

L.A. Times Editorial

Sometimes, saying "I'm sorry" isn't nearly enough. The release last week of papers revealing that church leaders in Orange County concealed, denied and enabled sexual molestation by priests for decades neither brings the matter to psychological closure nor speeds healing. Instead, it should spur some church leaders to step down, while forcing others — most notably, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony — to finally disclose the church's complicity in the scandal.

L.A. Ordinations

Cardinal Mahony, for 20 years archbishop of the largest Archdiocese in the richest nation in the world, will be ordaining ONLY FIVE NEW PRIESTS in his Our Lady of the "Angles" Cathedral. Meanwhile, in the Archdiocese of Chicago under the leadership of Cardinal Francis George, 16 new priests were ordained for that see.

Regarding the new L.A. priests:

Only one is a native Angelino.
Three are from Viet Nam.
And the fifth ordinand was born in London.

Not one is Hispanic which does not bode well for L.A. since its Spanish speaking population is bursting at the seams. Spanish Masses across the Archdiocese are generally packed. Go HERE to see what the L.A. Archdiocese is doing to promote vocations among the enormous Hispanic population.

Two of the ordinands are senior citizens (60 and 61 years old). God willing, they will be able to give the Church 10 to 15 years of productive priestly work.

One is middle aged (46). He's the only one from Los Angeles and, judging from his brief interview in the most recent Tidings, he seems to be the best of the group.

The youngest of the bunch are 28 and 32 years of age. They are both from Viet Nam.

The following (semi-loaded) question was put to the ordinands by Tidings editor, Mike Nelson:

Having begun your formation under one pope, and now about to become part of the first group of priests ordained under the new pope, what effect do you think that might have on your priesthood?

The future Father Robert Edward Joseph Garon (46) answered well. He said:

"I don't see how that would make a big difference. There are similar qualities in Pope Benedict XVI as there were in Pope John Paul II. Benedict might challenge priests to take a closer look at themselves in relation to their ministry, to better discern how they are called to serve."

A troubling response came from the 60 year old grandpa, future Father Joseph C. Wah, Jr.

"I admit I was surprised and a bit skeptical at first. But after a day or two, I thought, 'We have to give him a chance.'

This guy sounds like a Reverend Richard McBrien fan whose polemical pieces have regularly appeared in the Tidings for years.

(Photo: Victor Aleman/THE TIDINGS)

May 25, 2005

L.A. Preaching: Bishop Wilkerson

Bishop Wilkerson, auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles, preaches at a high school Confirmation at St. Bede the Venerable Church in La Canada-Flintridge. To the confirmandi, he says, “Do you know Jesus? Because honestly, if you don’t know Jesus you shouldn’t be here tonight, because it is all about Jesus. Jesus is at the center of who we are and what we do.” A good homily which covers all the bases, even being pro-life.

Hear the entire homily HERE. Warning, the bishop gets off to a slow start as he thanks everyone and his grandmother who have helped the confirmandi.

May 23, 2005

Cathedral or roller coaster?

Here is a preview of what the new cathedral in Oakland, California, will look like.

May 19, 2005

Queer bedfellows, once again

Report from

Faithful Catholics writing in to Open Book expressed their frustration with the misrepresentation of the issue by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. "Colleen" wrote, "The arch(diocese) of LA statement really irks me because it persists in putting forward this fake argument that actively homosexual people are not welcome in the Catholic Church and that is just completely false. Every baptized Catholic and in fact any person, even a non Catholic, is welcome at any Catholic parish Mass at anytime."

Colleen pointed out that the real issue is being avoided. "Anyone living in a state of mortal sin needs to refrain from taking Holy Communion without first attending Confession and having the sincere wish to turn a from sin."

May 18, 2005

L.A. Times: Diocese of Orange and Priest sex abuse

"With the release of the Orange documents, the spotlight returns to Cardinal Roger M. Mahony of Los Angeles, who has been fighting for two years to keep similar papers secret.The senior U.S. cardinal, whose archdiocese faces lawsuits from 544 parishioners, has argued that any communication between a bishop and his priest should be off-limits to secular authorities, lawyers and alleged victims."

"Unlike Brown, who became bishop in 1998, after most of the alleged sexual abuse took place, Mahony, appointed in 1985, presided over a period when many priests in Los Angeles were accused of molesting children. Mahony has admitted "mistakes" in how he handled accusations against his priests."

Pro-abort, pro-homosexual, nominal Catholic, Latino elected mayor of Los Angeles

A sad day for L.A.

You can be sure lots and lots of Latino Catholics, even good and faithful ones, cast their votes for Villaraigosa simply because he's Latino. Mayor Hahn was no great ally of the unborn either, but Villaraigosa is even worse.

In the barrio where I live, Villaraigosa campaign signs were everywhere. My neigbors, including viejitas (little old ladies) who light their veladoras (votive candles) at church and pray the rosary, made it clear that they were voting for Villariagosa because he is Latino. Never mind that he represents everything that opposes our core values as Catholics and Latinos.

The photo below shows Villagraigosa with former Mayor and pro-abort, pro-homosexual buddy of Cardinal Roger Mahony, Richard Riordan.

May 16, 2005

A blogger sums it up

"To sum up Cardinal Mahony.... can you imagine the largest diocese in the richest country in the world..... and it has no high school college seminary.... just the theologate at least for now. That's the legacy of Cardinal Mahony here in Los Angeles.... and by the way, where's the trust money that was set aside for these seminaries?? We have 20 times the Catholic population of Omaha and we produce half as many priests. "By their fruit you shall know them."

More Diogenes on Roger the Dodger

"You teach obedience to others by offering the obedience owed to your own superiors. Military officers know that the men under their command watch them constantly to see how punctilious they are in carrying out orders received, especially uncongenial orders. Forget frank defiance: the officer's slightest departure from his instructions -- even body language that suggests reluctance or dismay -- sends the signal to the troops that permission has been given for general (if discreet) insubordination."

"But what example has [Mahony] given his flock, what has he taught the faithful about obedience? Do what thou wouldst -- provided thou hast plausible deniability."

Read the entire post HERE.

It does not matter

In light of the "warm" welcome that that the Cardinal's press secretary offered to the Rainbow Sashers this past Sunday, I thought a re-posting of a two-and-one-half months old post from Diogenes would be appropriate.

The processional hymn for the Young Adults Liturgy at the recent L.A. Religious Education Conference showcased David Haas's catchy new "Gathering Song" (see pp. 44-45 of the program):

All is ready. Here and now.
All are welcome here.

Come all you young and old, all male and female.
Come, now, all gay and straight, it does not matter. With Christ, all people are one in God's whole!

All is ready. Here and now. All are welcome here.

It pains me inexpressibly to report that Haas's litany extends no welcome to hermaphrodites, cellists, gluten-intolerant Latvians, Scorpios, Jesuits, self-employed taxpayers filing jointly, redheads, or Catholics.

Must we be so quick to EXCLUDE?

One cardinal's secret diary

"The Vatican police have already swept the Sistine Chapel for bugs and put in jamming devices; wonder whether I can get them to do that for me in L.A.? Somebody tries to spill the frijoles, I'll know about it."

See the whole thing HERE.

Queer bedfellows: L.A. Archdiocese and Rainbow Sashers

So which team is Mahony on? Pope Benedict's or the militant homosexuals? You decide.

From the Rainbow Sashers' website:

"In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles warm welcome was given the members of the Rainbow Sash Movement who entered Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, because of this warm welcome members decided not to wear their Rainbow Sashes."

From a Rainbow Sashers' news release dated May 2, 2005:

"For many gay men and lesbians the name Joseph Ratzinger means aggressive homophobe."

"We hope that our presence will also counter the lies that Pope Benedict XVI is promoting about our community. We are Catholic, and will raise our voices to speak to the truth of our lives from the pews. We will no longer be silent in the face of this injustice."

L.A. priest to head national priests' organization

Beginning in July 2006, [Fr. Richard Vega] is to assume the presidency of the National Federation of Priest Councils (NFPC), a group that represents 26,000 U.S. parish priests serving in 125 dioceses. Learn more about Fr. Vega HERE.

As far as I can tell, the NFPC is not known for its uncompromising fidelity to Rome, as evidenced by carefully nuanced statements regarding optional celibacy for priests (the NFPC favors dialogue on the subject in spite of the clear teaching of Vatican II, Paul VI and John Paul II) and the election of Cardinal Ratzinger as pope.

In the same bed: abortion lovers and gay lovers

In a NATIONAL REVIEW piece entitled, Unnatural Alliance, Jayd Hendricks explains why it is the pro-abortion and pro-sodomite camps are such good buddies.

"While the two groups are very different in their particular circumstances, the common denominator between the two agendas is sexual license. Homosexuals are often strong advocates of abortion not because they need access to it but because homosexual activists are driven by the same philosophy that drives abortion rights: sex without restrictions or consequences. The two groups share the same foundation and it is in an effort to fortify this foundation that the two are committed to each other."

Amazing (dis)Grace: pro-abortion, pro-sodomite politicos fill Mahony's cathedral

Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral was filled to capacity with leftist politicians to bid farewell to labor leader Miguel Contreras, a powerful political broker locally. Mr. Contreras died suddenly of a heart attack on May 6.

The L.A. Times reported: "The standing room-only crowd, estimated at 4,500, included many of the most prominent politicians and labor leaders in the state and nation. From Congress came U.S. Reps. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles) and Loretta Sanchez (D-Anaheim). From Sacramento, State Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres and Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas (D-Los Angeles)."

Pro-aborts all.

"Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, speaking alternately in English and Spanish, presided over the funeral Mass," reported the Times.

God only knows how many sacrilegious communions were received.

Contreras was a big supporter of pro-abort, pro-homosexual, pro-embyronic stem cell "research" Democrat John Edwards in his original bid for the White House. He had plans to join the Edwards presidential campaign in 2008. He can scrap those plans now.

Mr. Contreras was also a close associate of mayoral candidate, Antonio Villaraigosa, yet another Latino Catholic (sic) in Mahony's Archdiocese who is unabashedly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual.

These friendly looking folks with clenched fists are some of the "faithful" preying outside the Cathedral during the funeral Mass.

Cardinal (West) Hollywood

Mahony's press secretary to Rainbow Sashers:

"... as in the past, members of the Rainbow Sash Movement who come to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels this Sunday [Pentecost] will be most welcome to attend any of our Masses. Over the years, Cardinal Roger Mahony has consistently spoken to the faithful in Los Angeles about being respectful and inclusive of our Catholic brothers and sisters who are gay and lesbian."

May 14, 2005

Grave diggers

They really dug the tour. Take a look.

May 13, 2005

L.A. preaching: Monsignor Timothy Dyer

"I like to remind people and myself that Jesus was not a priest. Did you know that? Jesus was not a priest. He was a layman. And in the Kingdom of Heaven there will be no titles. I will not be Monsignor in the Kingdom of Heaven. I'll just be Tim and that'll be just fine. There'll be no Doctors or Your Honor or ... they might keep the title "Mom." I can't imagine calling my mother anything but that, but, in the Kingdom of Heaven we will all be one."

Listen to his "homily" HERE.

This kind of talk is just goofy. I will give the Monsignor the benefit of the doubt and presume that his intentions are good, but really. Jesus is not a priest? Jesus was a layman?

Maybe what the Monsignor needs is a little theological updating. Perhaps he does not know that there was this little meeting of the Pope and the Bishops during the 1960's called Vatican II where the Eternal Priesthood of Jesus Christ was absolutely affirmed. Someone should suggest that the misguided reverend read
Lumen Gentium and Presbyterorum Ordinis, two very important documents of Vatican II.

But perhaps, though, even before he reads those documents, he can just crack open a Bible and read the
Letter to the Hebrews.

If that's too much homework, he can turn to the "Cliff Notes" version called the
Catechism of the Catholic Church, where he'll find the following explanation:

"The redemptive sacrifice of Christ is unique, accomplished once for all; yet it is made present in the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Church. The same is true of the one priesthood of Christ; it is made present through the ministerial priesthood without diminishing the uniqueness of Christ's priesthood: "Only Christ is the true priest, the others being only his ministers." [paragraph 1545]

One-way ticket to Rome?

There had been talk in the past that the Cardinal of Los Angeles was once offered a desk job at the Vatican during the latter years of John Paul II's pontificate. As far as one can tell, this offer was made before the construction of the hideous edifice known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. The word is that Mahony turned down the "offer." With Pope Benedict XVI now on the throne of St. Peter, discussion is surfacing again about the prospects of a Mahony transfer to Rome. With the L.A. homosexual clergy abuse settlement expected to be announced soon -- a settlement which will surely be the largest in the U.S. Church ($1 billion or more) -- along with the myriad of problems that have mushroomed during Mahony's long reign in L.A., a modest "clerical" job in the Vatican might be the perfect solution. One can only hope.

Cardinal Mahony on Levada appointment

Cardinal Mahony on Levada's appointment as Prefect of the CDF:

"His personal understanding of the United States pastoral realities will also be most useful to the Holy Father in the coming years. For example, his personal experience with the clergy sexual abuse issues in our country will serve him well since his Congregation is the lead Vatican office dealing with these various matters. His commitment to help make the Church safe for all its members, especially children and youth, will support the Church's efforts across the country."

Fast track to sainthood

ROME (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI announced May 13 that he was allowing the immediate opening of Pope John Paul II's cause for sainthood, setting aside the five-year waiting period called for by church law.

Pope Benedict made the announcement at the end of a speech to the priests of the Diocese of Rome gathered for a meeting and a dialogue with him at the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

El nuevo papa y la Virgen de Guadalupe

During an afternoon stroll through the Vatican gardens, Pope Benedict XVI paused to offer prayers, especially for mothers, at a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

New prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Catholic World News reports:

With the appointment, Archbishop Levada becomes the most influential American at the Vatican today, and arguably the most powerful American prelate in the history of the Church. As the official with primary responsibility for ensuring the preservation of doctrinal orthodoxy worldwide, he will rank second only to the Pontiff within the Vatican; the CDF is the only office that does not operate under the supervision of the Secretariat of State. Archbishop Levada is certain to be named a cardinal at the next consistory, and will be an important figure at the next papal conclave.

Levada going to Rome

What was thought a rumor is no longer a rumor. It's official. Levada will head the CDF. Click HERE.

May 12, 2005

Very Roman (sic)

From Our Lady of the "Angles" webpage, a plea:


"Become a Cathedral Associate.

"Become a member by calling: (213) 680-5219. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is a significant religious, cultural (sic) and civic (sic) institution in our community. In addition to being an important civic (sic) landmark (sic), the Cathedral has also developed and funded educational and social programs benefiting the greater Los Angeles community. You can help support the important outreach programs, operations and the mission of the Cathedral by becoming a Cathedral Associate. For more information please call us at (213) 680-5219 or email us at"

Details surrounding Cathedral Associates used to be posted on the OLAC webpage, but I could not find that information when I searched for it today. Essentially, depending on how much $$$ you give, you get partial or full parking privileges in the Cathedral underground parking structure. Whoop-dee-do! If my memory serves me, if you give the bigger bucks, you get a personal tour of the building with His Eminence. If you give the lesser amount, you get a tour with the Monsignor. I think they throw in some Cathedral wine and cheese, but I am not certain. Makes you wanna send that e-mail off and sign up today, don't it???


Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum; habemus Papam: Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum Josephum Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem Ratzinger qui sibi nomen imposuit Benedictum XVI.

Click HERE and enjoy, courtesy of THE WEIGHT OF GLORY.

More not very Roman

I am proud to say that it was L.A. Catholic who made THIS CHICK and her PIC famous.

Just for you, Mr. Anonymous.

Not very Roman

I am posting once again this pic just to bug Mr. Anonymous who thinks I am on the "fringe." No, I just want to be Catholic and Roman.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI said in his most recent homily:

"As Catholics, in a certain sense, we are all Romans. With the words of Psalm 87, a hymn of praise to Zion, Mother of all peoples, Israel sang and the Church sings: "But of Zion it must be said: 'They all were born here.'" (Psalm 87:5). In the same way, we might also say: as Catholics, in a certain sense, we have all been born in Rome."

A Roman Homily

Dear Romans, now I am your bishop. Thank you for your generosity, thank you for your affection, thank you for your patience! As Catholics, in a certain sense, we are all Romans. With the words of Psalm 87, a hymn of praise to Zion, Mother of all peoples, Israel sang and the Church sings: "But of Zion it must be said: 'They all were born here.'" (Psalm 87:5). In the same way, we might also say: as Catholics, in a certain sense, we have all been born in Rome. So, I want to try to be, with all my heart, your bishop, the Bishop of Rome. And all of us want to try to be ever more Catholics, more brothers and sisters in the great family of God, that family in which there are no strangers.

Preach it, Papa! This pope keeps on churning out blockbuster homilies that are deeply theological, accessible, moving and even poetic. May he live 100 years! Read the entire text HERE.

Levada: Yes or No?

CNA report says Levada appointment "just a rumor."

The spokesman for the Archdiocese of San Francisco dismissed as "rumors" recent reports announcing that Archbishop William Joseph Levada was about to be appointed as the new Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

May 11, 2005

Wells Fargo or Bank of America?

Click HERE for the answer.

Cardinal "Spin"

With reference to the problem of the altar ad Deum vs. the altar versus populum, and the solution offered by the then Cardinal Ratzinger that: "Where a direct common turning toward the east is not possible the cross can serve as the interior 'east' of faith," Cardinal Mahony stated in the Los Angeles Times the following:

"That is precisely the solution we chose for the new Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Parishioners in the nave face east," he points out, "but everyone, in transepts and nave, faces a large crucifix behind and above the altar."

Read the full report HERE.

Mahony looking over his shoulder?

ANOTHER CARDINAL PERHAPS looking over his shoulder is Los Angeles's Roger Mahony, who more than any other American Catholic leaders except Cardinal Bernard Law, is stained by the covering up for pedophiles in the Catholic Church. But Mahony has other issues that have caught the eye of Rome in the past few years ...

Go HERE for the entire piece.

May 8, 2005

A "homily" delivered by Deacon Rick Pomphrey and wife

In this Sunday Lenten homily, Deacon Rick Pomphrey and his wife, Ann, take turns preaching. Here is a mercifully brief excerpt from Mrs. Deacon's contribution to the somewhat lengthy homily:

"Many times I become so busy with, you know, what shoes do I wear with this, getting the right purse, um, busyness of going here, going there, doing this task, getting that task done, preparing for a meeting. All these things that are important, necessary. But I get so busy and, um, I mean, my PDA is busy from 8am to 7 or 8 at night. I'm sure all of yours are. Many of yours are. But in that busyness, I've lost my focus on really deepening my relationship with God."

Redemptionis Sacramentum

[64.] The homily, which is given in the course of the celebration of Holy Mass and is a part of the Liturgy itself,142 "should ordinarily be given by the Priest celebrant himself. He may entrust it to a concelebrating Priest or occasionally, according to circumstances, to a Deacon, but never to a layperson.143 In particular cases and for a just cause, the homily may even be given by a Bishop or a Priest who is present at the celebration but cannot concelebrate".144

[65.] It should be borne in mind that any previous norm that may have admitted non-ordained faithful to give the homily during the Eucharistic celebration is to be considered abrogated by the norm of canon 767 §1.145 This practice is reprobated, so that it cannot be permitted to attain the force of custom.

[66.] The prohibition of the admission of laypersons to preach within the Mass applies also to seminarians, students of theological disciplines, and those who have assumed the function of those known as "pastoral assistants"; nor is there to be any exception for any other kind of layperson, or group, or community, or association.146

In spite of these clear directives, Cardinal Mahony maintains that there are no liturgical abuses in L.A.

Can anything good come out of L.A.?

Yes, of course! There are good people, good priests and good religious. One very good parish is St. Peter Chanel. It is staffed by a religious order of priests who are faithful and fervent.

The Archdiocesan Vocation Office

See what the Archdiocese is doing to meet the urgent need for more priests, especially Spanish-speaking priests. Click HERE.

Yeah, that's right. Under construction. Check back in a few months and you will see THIS.

For just $22 you can be the first on your block with your very own Our Lady of the "Angles" scale model

This way, you can weep every day and not just when you pass by the Cathedral on the freeway.

May 7, 2005

L.A. Preaching: Fr. Kester

"This last week we got a new pope ... The College of Cardinals gets together and they vote and we sort of saw a sneak peak of that during this past week of how it works. I am not going to lie to you and say that Ratzinger would have been my first choice among the 115 Cardinals gathered. He would not. He would not have been my 114th choice ... um."

Fr. Kester joined the staff of St. Bede the Venerable Church in La Canada Flintridge in 2003 after having spent a number of years on leave from active ministry.

Listen to Fr. Kester's "homily" HERE.

Planned Parenthood launches campaign against Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI must be encouraged to “reconsider his dangerously outdated stances on birth control, abortion and sexuality in order to help move the Catholic Church into the 21st century,” reads a memo issued by campaign manager Eve Fox. See complete story HERE.

Abu Ghraib, L.A. style

Pfc. Lyndie England, without the familiar leash, leads a captivated audience at the 2005 Religious Education Congress in Anaheim.

May 6, 2005

Cardinal Spin?

"As I return [from Rome] to Los Angeles, filled with gratitude to God for this extraordinary spiritual experience, I plead with you, the Catholic People of Los Angeles, to join me in surrounding Pope Benedict XVI with our prayers, our love, our support, and our loving trust." And what about "OUR OBEDIENCE?"

By the way, at a post-conclave Mass I attended the other day in L.A., during the Eucharistic Prayer when normally the names of the Pope and Bishop would be mentioned, the priest made no mention of the Pope but did pray "for Roger, our bishop." This, I reiterate, took place after the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

I would not be at all surprised to find two bumper stickers on that priest's car: one that says, NOT MY PRESIDENT; and the other, NOT MY POPE.

Thomas Reese, S.J., to step down as editor of 'America'

The Associated Press reports:

"The editor of the Jesuit weekly America, [Reverend Thomas Reese, SJ] is leaving the magazine after the Vatican received complaints about articles he published on touchy issues such as same-sex marriages and stem cell research, Jesuit officials said Friday."

You mean to tell me that all of a sudden the Jesuits are listening to Rome? I doubt it. I wonder what the real reason is behind the change in editors.

Lest anyone forget

Remember the flurry of e-mails that were exchanged between the Cardinal of Los Angeles and various staff persons during Lent and Holy Week of 2002? Oh, you never heard of them? If L.A. were Boston, these desperate electronic missives would have been front page news. But the L.A. Times is not the Boston Globe. Check out the LINK and see what I mean.

Cardinal Mahony and his Messenger

See His Eminence Cardinal Mahony and Father "Bill" Messenger at a 2002 event to kick off a major capital campaign to build a new Catholic Center at USC. Click here to see the video.

Messenger, who was recently accused by a male student of "inappropriate physical touching," once wrote:

"I, for one, did not choose celibacy. I chose priesthood and accepted celibacy because there was no choice. I do not consider myself to have been free. There was simply no other way to be ordained."

"We must face the truth that celibacy in the diocesan clergy is abnormal. As in any abnormal situation, the individual must seek compensation." See the complete article here.

May 5, 2005

Mahony says Pope Benedict will not be visiting L.A.

The LA Times reports:

"Mahony said he doubted that Benedict would visit Los Angeles any time soon. Mahony said Los Angeles may find itself lower in priority because John Paul spent two days here in 1987."

L.A.? Lower in priority? Keep wishin'.

Cathedral or Gigantic Bose Wave Radio?

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