Jun 30, 2008

To save babies from being aborted, repeal the Seamy Garment

As we know, when Cardinal Joseph Bernardin propagated the "seamless garment" -- the notion that aborting millions of God's precious babies is just one issue among many -- he gave liberal Catholics the excuse they wanted and needed to vote for pro-abortion politicians.

That remains so to this day, even though the Cardinal later did admit that aborting millions of babies should be preeminent.

The news that in two recent surveys pro-abortion Catholics outnumbered pro-life ones shows the success of the Seamy Garment.

The Catholic News Service reports (sorry, I don't have a link) that in a poll by Georgetown U.'s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, 58% of 1,007 Catholics agreed that "a woman should have the right to choose an abortion."

Also, reports the Catholic News Service, among 8,054 Catholics in a Pew Forum poll, 16% said aborting babies should be legal in all cases and 32% said aborting babies should be legal in most cases. Some 27% of Catholics said aborting babies should be illegal in most cases, and only 18% said aborting babies should be illegal in all cases.

We can thank the Seamy Garment for these disgusting, disgraceful results, along with the decades of silence from Catholic pulpits about aborting babies and along with the U.S. bishops' equivocating Faithful Citizenship "guides."

It looks as if more Catholics than not are planning to vote pro-abortion this year, from the presidency on down. The only way to fix that is for the U.S. bishops, collectively and in their respective dioceses, to speak Catholic truth clearly and unequivocally, once and for all.

The U.S. bishops, and the clergy echoing them in homilies, need to say that aborting babies is the issue and that the Seamy Garment "broad range of issues" option is no option at all.

Otherwise, kiss more babies goodbye, for decades and by the tens of millions.

The Seamy Garment is already stained and drenched with the blood of tens of millions of aborted babies.

All Catholics, please dump the Seamy Garment, repent, and become pro-life!

(No, I don't expect this to happen. But it needs to.)

Jun 26, 2008

Would Democrats want slavery totally legal but "rare?"

As you've probably read, a lot of pro-abortion Democrat candidates this year, from the top on down, are trying to give Catholics a way to vote for them.

The con the Democrats are using is to claim that even though they are sticking to their Keep All Abortions Legal platform and agenda, they want to cut the number of the babies who are put to death in the abortion chambers.

(Of course, the Democrats don't ever utter the word "babies" or the term "put to death," nor do they ever say "abortion chambers.")

How the Democrats' claim that they want to keep baby-killing legal but inflicted upon fewer infants could make it okay to vote for them, they don't explain.

But anyway, the Democrats' con dissolves immediately when you stop to think of analogies to it.

For example, would you believe a politician who said slavery is a fundamental constitutional right, we must keep slavery legal with no restrictions whatsoever, anti-slavery sentiment is "extreme" and anti-slavery activism needs to be outlawed and punished, but then said, "Natch, I want slavery to be rare?"

Of course not.

So, you L.A. Catholic bishops, clergy, religious and laity out there who are going to vote for your favorite pro-abortion politicians this year -- and you know who you are -- let's see you explain credibly and exactly how your beloved, abortion-loving politician pals are suddenly going to turn into baby-savers.

Know what? You can't do it. So you can't vote for pro-aborts -- not one.

Aren't you glad Ole Q has just saved you from committing complicity in aborting millions of God's precious babies? I thought so.

Jun 25, 2008

Some good news...and it should be a good example for us here in L.A.

Did you see the news (click on this post's title) from LifeSiteNews.com that an abortion chamber in Dallas is to close this Saturday, June 28?

This abortion business is one of three such places in Texas that are "authorized" to kill late-term babies. Let's pray that no more babies are put to death there between now and the 28th.

Guess what: The Catholic Pro-Life Commitee and others have been praying and doing sidewalk counseling outside this abortion chamber for more than 10 years.

Guess what else: Bishop Charles Grahmann of Dallas started a monthly "Second Saturday Rosary" outside Dallas's abortion chambers in 1990. At that time, 13 such offices were in business; and seven of them shut down between 1990 and 2001.

A Mass will be said on the 28th in thanksgiving for the closing of the late-term abortion chamber that day.

Why aren't you leading prayer and sidewalk counseling outside L.A.'s many abortion chambers, Cardinal Mahony?

Jun 24, 2008

"Speak truth to power"

As you've probably noticed, liberals love the expression, "Speak truth to power."

They imagine themselves as the underdog, when in reality they are powerful, as in their stranglehold on education from the universities on down to pre-school.

But the liberals sure do not like it when somebody speaks truth to them!

That was the case in ole L.A. yesterday when our pro-abortion Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa claimed to be "marrying" two homosexuals at City Hall.

Today's L.A. Times reports (click on this post's title) that a lady "introduced herself as the 'Angel of the Trinity' [and] strode up to the podium to denounce the ceremony and call Villaraigosa an 'adulterer' -- a reference to his extramarital affair with a television reporter."

The Times continues:

"'I don't believe that gay marriage is morally right,' said Rosalyn Schultz of Hesperia, moments after the mayor shooed her away from the lectern. Schultz went on to warn that such unions [sic] would invite earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes."

Now, why did Villaraigosa shoo this lady away? Why didn't he invite her to stay there and "dialogue" with him? He didn't like being told the truth, did he?

Another truth is that Cardinal Roger Mahony should have been there, or out in front of City Hall holding a press conference, to say exactly what Rosalyn Schultz of Hesperia said: "I don't believe that gay marriage is morally right."

Yes, the Cardinal and his fellow bishops of Los Angeles posted a statement against the court decision on their website. But, unfortunately, Angelenos will not see that statement. We need public witness about Catholic truth.

We need all of us, starting with our Church leaders, to speak truth to power.

Cardinal Mahony, please distance yourself from Villaraigosa, to save your flock from moral confusion

As you can see in the photo above, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles was right there alongside pro-abortion new L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (and his then-wife Corina) in 2005 during the mayoral inauguration procession from the "Taj" to City Hall for the swearing-in, speechifying and benediction.

Cardinal Mahony delivered the benediction, which The Tidings dutifully printed: http://www.the-tidings.com/2005/0715/mayorside.htm

If you have a keen eye, farther back in the crowd pictured above you can see picket signs reading, "You CAN'T Be Catholic and Pro-Abortion." Sadly, the Catholic and pro-life zeal of the young people carrying those signs failed to deter Cardinal Mahony from parading with Villaraigosa and the rest of the mobile zoo of dozens or hundreds of pro-abortion politicians.

Now, however, because Villaraigosa officiated yesterday at a so-called wedding of two homosexuals (click on this post's title), every thinking L.A. Catholic will agree that for the sake of Catholic truth, moral clarity and the eternal salvation of the members of his flock, Cardinal Mahony needs to distance himself from Villaraigosa and the illicit ceremony he conducted, and to explain why.

The Cardinal could do this today by going over to City Hall and then walking backwards all the way back to the Cathedral, to erase the stain of his prior very public parading with Villaraigosa and the baby-killing battalion.

That is unlikely, however, so the best thing Cardinal Mahony could do is to call a very public press conference to denounce the ceremony and to explain Catholic teaching about the Sacrament of Matrimony and the holiness of the family.

Yes, I know that is not likely to happen. But it is what should happen.

Jun 21, 2008

A primer on picket signs for Catholic, pro-life and pro-marriage activists

Ole Q hasn't given a primer on picket signs lately, so here's one right now.

If you're a veteran picketer, you know that a necessity is that your signs are large enough, noticeable enough and legible enough for passing cars and people across the street -- and a TV newscast audience -- to notice and read them.

Rookie picketers make the mistake of having tiny signs, even pieces of paper, and writing on them in tiny script that nobody can see even inches away.

So, first, get heavyweight poster board or foamcore, about 22 x 28 each, from a drugstore or art supply store. White, "fluorescent" lime-green, and Day-Glo yellow are excellent colors for premium noticeability.

Then get really big, wide felt-tip marking pens. Black and red are great for maximum visibility.

Then think of short slogans, of literally no more than three or four words, and outline them in block letters, ALL CAPS, on your sign, and then fill them in.
Examples of signs for one currently topical issue might be:






(These are just examples of signs about one particular current issue. You can think of similarly short slogans on issues such as pro-life, Latin Mass, etc.)

Of course, don't picket by yourself or with just one or two others. Get at least a dozen people together, and more if possible.

You want your picket signs to reach literally millions of people, so about a week in advance of your picket, BE SURE to call up all the TV stations, TV network outlets, and newspapers, ask for the news editor, and tell him or her where you'll be, when, and why.

I think that in most cities, as long as you're on a public sidewalk, you don't need a permit to picket. But it's best to check with the police department ahead of time.

During the picket, be sure to hold your signs high and facing the street. Be sure to keep moving at all times. These tactics attract passerby attention.

Do not block the sidewalk, of course; always leave lots of room for others to get by easily.

Jun 18, 2008

Archbishop Niederauer praises the late Tim Russert

Today's Catholic News Agency daily bulletin notes that San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer yesterday praised the late newscaster Tim Russert "for...his commitment to discovering each aspect of the story that contributed to people having a better awareness of the issues of public life and candidates for political office."

The Archbishop also praised Tim Russert thusly: "But those of us who shared his Catholic faith and his deep love for it appreciated his sharing of the story of his own faith and his loyalty to the life of the Catholic Church in this country and the many charities to which he contributed his time and talent."

Archbishop Niederauer heads the U.S. bishops' Communications Committee.

Inasmuch as liberals always mock, savage and persecute news media pro-lifers such as Rush Limbaugh and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, we pro-lifers can be forgiven for wondering if their universal and unstinting praise for Mr. Russert means he was not pro-life.

Chicago and D.C. political old hand Tom Roeser today charges (click on this post's title) that when Daniel Moynihan was new to the U.S. Senate, "It was [his then-aide] Russert, another Irish Catholic but a born pragmatist whose only goal was to placate the mob, who convinced Moynihan to go with the liberal herd and be a pro-abort."

Today's national news, by the way, features photos of the fanatically and mercilessly pro-abortion Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama arriving at Tim Russert's funeral at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown.

Do you think we will ever hear any members of the U.S. hierarchy lavish praise on a pro-life public figure the way they do on neutral or pro-abortion ones?

Anyway, let's pray for the repose of Tim Russert's soul, and Sen. Moynihan's, and let's admit our sins, be sorry for them, confess them as soon as possible, make reparation for our sins and those of the whole world, and resolve to sin no more. Amen.

And let us pray: Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls!

Jun 17, 2008

L.A. bishops' statement on marriage is too little, too late. We need more!

On Monday, June 16, the day that government officials in California started officiating at "marriage" ceremonies for homosexual pairs, the bishops of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles issued a singularly weak statement (click on this post's title) about it that mainly said marriage may not be redefined.

Duh. Our bishops should have said much more, and done much more. Just a few points here:

Our bishops should have reminded Los Angeles and the world that Jesus made marriage a Sacrament, and that to equate it with sodomy, one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, is blasphemy.

Our bishops also should have pointed out that an inevitable future step by the homosexual lobby will be to demand that churches "marry" homosexuals. So our bishops should have proclaimed that they will not cooperate with any such demands and that they will lead all Catholics in non-compliance with any homosexual-inspired government or lawyer persecution of the Church.

Our bishops also should have demanded the overturning of the evil court ruling that led to the current monstrous parody of marriage.

Our bishops also should have publicized and endorsed the pro-marriage measure on the November ballot here in California.

Our bishops also should have held a press conference so as to get local, state, national and international TV and radio news coverage. As things stand right now, nobody knows the bishops have said anything.

Our bishops also should have stated their opposition starting right after the evil court decision and not waited until now.

Earth to bishops: You need to start defending your flock publicly and loudly from all heinous assaults and threats against our Church, our Catholic morality, our families, our children and all civilization.

We need FULL AND ACTIVE PARTICIPATION by our Cardinal and bishops against the homosexual lobby's depredations against all Americans.

For guidance, let the bishops consult the Acts of the Apostles and see how the Apostles acted toward the courts that tried to stop them from preaching the Name of Jesus -- as in, Judge for yourselves, should we obey God or men?

Jun 15, 2008

Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos: Latin Mass in ALL parishes

As you probably know, Catholic sources are talking about the report (click on this post's title) in the June 14 issue of the Telegraph about Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos (above), head of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

Cardinal Castrillon was in England to celebrate the first Tridentine Latin Mass in Westminster Cathedral in 40 years. He told inquiring reporters that the Latin Mass would return to all parishes, Catholics will be taught about the Latin Mass so as to appreciate it, and seminaries must teach seminarians how to say the Latin Mass.
People are saying the Cardinal was talking only about England and Wales, but that doesn't make sense. Why would those areas be singled out? Why exclude Scotland, for example, not to mention Cornwall and the Isle of Man? Are those people sure the Cardinal wasn't talking about everywhere?

Jun 14, 2008

Democrats at heart

The Democrat Party, so beloved by liberal Catholic bishops, clergy and religious (you know who you are), stands for nothing if not aborting babies, including late-term babies and being-born ("partial-birth") babies.

Well, okay, the Democrats stand for something else, too: Depraved indifference to human life -- as in their opposition to laws that mandate trying to save the lives of the little babies who survive being aborted.

That is the Democrat agenda. They openly say they plan to strip all legal protections from preborn babies.

Now, compare that Democrat dead-babies agenda to the following excerpt from a story (click on this post's title) in today's (Saturday) L.A. Times:

"On an infamous summer night in 1969, young followers of Charles Manson entered a Benedict Canyon mansion and murdered five people gathered on the compound. Actress Sharon Tate, 8 1/2 months pregnant with the son of director Roman Polanski, begged one of the knife-wielding killers to spare her life.

"The attacker was Susan Atkins, and her response was cold and unequivocal. 'She asked me to let her baby live,' Atkins told parole officials in 1993. 'I told her I didn't have mercy for her.'"

The liberal Catholics who are always bragging about how loving they are need to start showing some love for preborn babies. But don't expect them to.

Jun 8, 2008

Cardinal Mahony tells anti-priestly-celibacy Aussie bishop to stay away

The L.A. Times reported Saturday (click on this post's title) that Cardinal Mahony, San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer and other bishops have, at the urging of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, told Bishop Geoffrey Robinson of Sydney they are forbidding him to speak in their dioceses.

Bishop Robinson, 70, is going to speak in those places anyway. That is what you would expect from a stubborn advocate of ending mandatory priestly celibacy. You know what the saints have said about pride and obstinacy.

As you also might expect, Voice of the Faithful is in on Bishop Robinson's speaking tour.

Now that Cardinal Mahony has written Bishop Robinson, he needs to write a similar missive to himself:

"Note to Self: Stop inviting advocates and near-advocates of ending priestly celibacy to speak at my Religious Education Conference every year."

In fact, we should all write "Bishop Robinson" letters to the Cardinal, asking him to clean up the wREC.

What if Bishop Robinson holds a news conference outside the Cathedral and says, "I'm not advocating anything that some REC speakers haven't advocated at some point during their careers. Nyahhh."

Jun 7, 2008

Exorcist says the devil loves to possess politicians

A Catholic News Agency story (click on this post's title) carries the following quotes from the Italian exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, 82 (above):

"Evil exists in politics, quite often, in fact. The devil loves to take over business leaders and those who hold political office. Hitler and Stalin were possessed. How do I know? Because they killed millions of people. The Gospel says: By their fruits you will know them.'" [emphasis added by Ole Q]

Okay, now for some logical corollaries.

We know irrefutably, from our Faith and medicine and science, that preborn babies are people. We also know that in the USA, surgical abortions alone have killed some 48-50 millions of these people since Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

Now we return to what the veteran exorcist Fr. Amorth says, that killing millions of people is a sign of possession by the devil.

Then we note that pro-abortion politicians, including Catholics, are responsible for "killing millions of people" by voting, decade after decade, to keep abortions legal and by voting down and even outlawing all attempts to save the babies.

So are all, most, many, or some U.S. pro-abortion politicians possessed by the devil? And are the liberal Catholics who vote for these politicians shaking hands with the devil by doing so?

Isn't all this more than enough reason for you Catholic bishops, clergy, religious and laity who vote for pro-abortion politicians to stop doing so?

(Fr. Amorth made his above quotes in an interview with an Italian magazine, and the CNA found them in the Spanish daily La Razon.)

Jun 5, 2008

We could use a man like Ronald Reagan again

Just a quick tribute to pro-life President Ronald Reagan, who entered eternal life four years ago today. He delivered hundreds of millions of people, including our fellow Catholics, from Communist oppression and he inspired countless pro-lifers to continue the struggle for the babies and their right to life.

President Reagan liberated whole nations from atheistic Communist tyranny, brought down the Berlin Wall, reunified Germany, closed the slave labor camps of the Soviet gulag and ended the nuclear arms race.

President Reagan also made Americans proud of our country and our heritage of liberty again.

President Reagan also restored mention of God in public discourse. That was a huge accomplishment. "God bless America," he would say, and the liberals hated him for it. I know that for a fact -- know of such liberals.

We could use a man like Ronald Reagan today.

Jun 3, 2008

Cardinal removes pastor from parish

It's on the Net now: A Chicago radio station reports (click on this post's title) that Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has told Fr. Michael Pfleger, the ultraliberal pastor of St. Sabina Parish in Chicago, to take a leave of absence for "a couple of weeks...effective today" to "reflect" and to be "away from the public spotlight" and for "rest and attention to family problems."

As you might expect, Fr. Pfleger, as the cardinal says, "does not believe this to be the right step at this time." Instead of balking, the lefty priest should be giving thanks that he is getting off lightly.

After all, he is not one of the orthodox, pro-Pope, pro-Magisterium, pro-life seminary applicants, seminarians and priests over the past several decades who have been denied entry to the seminary, denied ordination, exiled to isolated parishes or told to retire early, and on top of all that, ordered to submit to psychiatric evaluation so that would go on his permanent record.

Incidentally, a quick check of the website of the "Faith Community of St. Sabina" in Chicago (I knew they wouldn't call themselves a church or a parish) turns up no sign of a parish pro-life committee.

A typical column from Fr. McBrien

The May 30 issue of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony's archdiocesan newspaper The Tidings carries a typical column (click on this post's title) by Fr. Richard McBrien.

In the column, grotesquely entitled, "Catholic censorship," Fr. McBrien whines that the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis made the ultraliberal St. Joan of Arc Parish in Minneapolis disinvite a pro-abortion speaker.

As you might expect, by the way, Fr. McBrien calls the prospective speaker not pro-abortion but "pro-choice," the pro-abortion propaganda term.

The prospective speaker says he was not going to talk about aborting babies. So what?

We need to ask if there is any column of Fr. McBrien's that The Tidings will not print.

And is Fr. McBrien, Catholic priest that he is, ever going to write a column in which he defends not pro-aborts but the defenseless victims of abortion?

The above photos of little womb babies are from prolifeamerica.com

See this 4D ultrasound video of a womb baby who is just 11 weeks along: http://www.lifeissues.org/ultrasound/11weeks.htm

Keep in mind the preborn babies' brains, too

We can say a prayer for Senator Teddy Kennedy (Democrat-Massachusetts) after his surgery for a malignant brain tumor, and for everyone so afflicted.

We can also pray for the millions of babies whose brains get crushed or slashed apart in the abortions that Senator Kennedy and his fellow pro-abortion politicians have aided and abetted and defended for so many years.

We should also pray for the liberal Catholics who keep lying to themselves that there could be any reasons "proportionate" to the bloody slayings of millions of God's precious infants to justify voting for pro-abortion politicians.

The above 4D ultrasound photos of womb babies are from prolifeamerica.com

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, defend us, our children, our families, the Sacrament of Marriage, and our Holy Catholic Church!

Today, June 3, is the Feast Day of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, martyrs in Uganda in 1886 for the Faith and purity and against sodomy.

Yes, the local "king" was into "same-sex lust" for teenage boys and young men -- so much so that he had them murdered if they were Christian and spurned his advances.

Click on this post's title to visit Women for Faith & Family's very spiritually and historically informative page about these heroes of chastity and the Faith.

You might also, if you have a second to spare, visit ole Q's post of June 3, 2007, in which I make rhetorical queries about which elements of the homosexual takeover-of-Church-and-state-and-society agenda St. Charles and his brave companions would support. (Answer: None, natch.)

Let's invoke the intercession of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions against the homosexual lobby and their spear-carriers in the courts, legislatures, executive offices, political campaigns and every other area, including the churches.
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