May 31, 2007

Cardinal's parade pal endorses Abortion Queen for president

You might have heard the news today that pro-abortion Los Angeles Mayor "Tony" Villar, who goes by "Antonio Villaraigosa," pictured above parading to his inauguration on July 1, 2005, with Cardinal Roger Mahony and a panoply of pro-abortion politicians, is endorsing flamingly pro-abortion H. Rodham Clinton for the presidency and will be one of her four national chairmen.

Events such as this endorsement are one of many good reasons for Princes of the Church to AVOID appearing beside pro-abortion politicians such as Villaraigosa. ANYONE who saw this photo of the Cardinal would conclude that he endorses or at least does not object to the mayor.

In the Cardinal's closing benediction at Villaraigosa's inauguration, he did utter the words "protect human life" once, but he did not specifically apply them to preborn babies: "We pray today that your Spirit will inspire each of us to embody in our words, actions, and policies those values that protect human life, establish peace, promote justice, and uphold the common good."

If H. Rodham C. should ascend to our Nation's highest office, how soon will the Cardinal be parading alongside her? How soon will the Cardinal have her speak in the cathedral? And that is not far-fetched, given that the Cardinal had Slick Willie Clinton speak in St. Vibiana's.

It was good that the Cardinal criticized California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez for going down the path of the culture of death by co-sponsoring the pending AB374, the "doctor-orchestrated suicide" bill. That was a small step in the right direction.

Now Cardinal Mahony needs to take the plunge and swear off all pro-abortion politicians for good -- by never appearing with them or hosting them, and by ordering his clergy to refuse Communion to the Catholics among them.

That'll be the day. (I wish he would prove me wrong.)

May 30, 2007

Our new priests

Cliock on this post's title for an article in the USA Today of May 21 about the new priests being ordained this year in the USA.

Let's pray for every one of them, and for our Church as a whole.

May 28, 2007

Some words of wisdom

Have you heard the saying, "We judge others by their actions, but ourselves by our intentions."

Now, I am not going soft by quoting that saying. What it means is that we must gauge our own actions the same way we gauge others'. We must not overlook or excuse our faults.

We must always be zealous in defending our Church, the Mass, the priesthood, the family and the babies and their right to life. And we must pray for right judgment, to see things rightly.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love...

May 26, 2007

The Tidings covers the Rosary Bowl

This week's issue of Cardinal Roger Mahony's Los Angeles archdiocesan newspaper, The Tidings, is not online yet. But have you seen the print edition?

The cover story is about the Rosary Bowl of last Saturday, May 19. The cover photo illustrates, probably unintentionally, the mindset of too many in the Church today. It shows four participants kneeling in prayer on the Rose Bowl field, with the throng in the background.

That is nice, as far as it goes. But that is all it shows. Not the participants with the Blessed Sacrament, not the participants with a statue of the Blessed Mother.

Surely these participants are good Catholics, and perhaps they were praying before the Blessed Sacrament or a statue of the Blessed Mother. But is a cover photo about the Rosary Bowl that does not show that -- that focuses on the flock but omits the Shepherd and His Mother -- a good idea?

Or does it illustrate "It's all about us," the mindset that we see in some contemporary "liberal" Catholic hymns?

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Well, the Rosary Bowl cover story inside The Tidings does not mention the Blessed Mother. That is a little odd, don't you think?

I was not able to attend the Rosary Bowl. If you were there, what was your impression? Did anyone mention sin and reparation? Our Lady of Fatima? The right to life? What was it like? Please let us know. Thank you in advance!

May 24, 2007

The abuse-and-coverup bill is rising

Today's Los Angeles Times reports (click on this post's title) that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Harvey Fromholz "ruled Wednesday that four people can seek punitive damages [in addition to compensatory damages] against the Los Angeles Archdiocese for [allegedly] failing to protect them from a priest [Lynn Caffoe] they accused of sexual abuse."

The Times article, "Judge opens [C]hurch up to huge payout," says the judge "cited [Cardinal Roger] Mahony's alleged misrepresentation of a videotape that was discovered in Caffoe's bedroom in 1992. The Archdiocese disputes the claim of misrepresentation about the videotape. Here is the Archdiocese's statement of March 21:

The judge, wrote the Times, also said that at least six priests had complained about Fr. Caffoe's "familiarity with children" and that parents and school officials had also complained.

Couldn't someone on the seminary or other archdiocesan staff, somewhere along the way, have discerned that Caffoe, and the quite a few others also later accused, just maybe were not suited to be priests? Granted, hindsight is everything, and no one could catch everyone; but that so many got through to ordination suggests that oversight was flawed.

May the future bring us better news.

May 23, 2007

Fighting Father John Malloy now has a blogspot!

You'll remember Salesian Father John Malloy of Ss. Peter & Paul Church in San Francisco as the pro-life pastor whose letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle this past January 9 said abortion fanatic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not a Catholic in good standing with the Church.

Fr. Malloy is a little up in years, and after six years at Ss. Peter & Paul he is being transferred this June to the Salesian house in Richmond, the online California Catholic Daily has reported.

But there is good news, reports the Ss. Peter & Paul parish bulletin, which also has an excellent pro-life essay by Fr. Malloy this week (click on this post's title).

The good news is that Father Malloy now has his own blogspot! It is "A Shepherd's Voice," subtitled "You Can't be Catholic and Pro-Abortion," and it is at:

So be sure to check in there (as well as here!) and to let Fr. Malloy know you appreciate him!

May 22, 2007

What about the clergy and hierarchy who enable and affirm pro-abortion politicians?

As we all know, two weeks ago Pope Benedict XVI said that voting for aborting babies is incompatible with receiving Communion. Amen, Your Holiness!

But what about the clergy and hierarchy who, while 3,000 babies a day die in savage abortions, enable and affirm the pro-abortion politicians by inviting them, awarding them, posing with them in campaign opportunities, praising them for "social justice" and giving them Communion?

So in addition to the pro-abortion politicians, do their buddies in the clergy and the hierarchy not need a warning from the Pope, too?

Some might say that is a radical thought.

But are not these clergy and hierarchy cooperating, and somewhat more than remotely, in grave evil? After all, they definitely help keep in office the politicians who keep legal the Herod-like slaughter of millions of innocent babies.

How are things ever going to change without a pro-life spiritual shakeup and wake-up call?

Do not just pro-abortion Catholic politicians, but also their allies in the clergy and hierarchy, stand in serious need of repentance, amendment and atonement over the aborted babies?

(Yes, I know we all stand in need of those things, and thank God for the Sacrament of Penance!)

May 20, 2007

USF giggles with pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi, stiffs pro-life Catholics

Today's San Francisco Chronicle reports (click on this post's title) that St. Ignatius Church on the campus of the University of San Francisco was the location for pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's commencement address to USF's McLaren College of Business yesterday.

The crowd inside St. Ignatius Church gave the abortion zealot "a standing ovation" after her "10-minute address." Was the Blessed Sacrament present for this outrage and disgrace?

The event was a political rally for the Democrat Party. A Chronicle photo shows a delighted USF President Fr. Stephen Privett, S.J., giggling as he presents the abortion fanatic with a gigantic gavel, obviously in celebration of pro-abortion Democrats' control of Congress.

The Chronicle quotes Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly's request to Fr. Privett that he disinvite the pro-abortion politician: "Nancy Pelosi is one of the leaders of the pro-abortion movement. It's shameful and entirely contrary to the university's mission to hold her up as an example to the students." Fr. Privett stiffed this Catholic pro-life request.

The Chronicle quotes USF spokesman Gary McDonald: "Both faith and politics are committed to the pursuit of peace, to bringing light into our world, and to bringing hope to those whose lives lead them to despair. Speaker Pelosi is committed to those ideals in her public and private life."


What a shame -- a CRYING shame, when you think of the little babies being torn apart alive by the abortionists whom Nancy Pelosi funds and protects.

May 19, 2007

Archbishop Niederauer and pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi at USF graduation

This year's graduation ceremony today at the University of San Francisco -- Father Stephen Privett, S.J., president -- must have been a real liberal love-fest.

Love, that is, for Catholic pro-abortion politicians -- definitely not for preborn babies targeted by the abortionists whom those politicians fund, protect and praise.

Judge for yourself. Go to the USF website's bragging (click on this post's title) about their having pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi give the commencement speech and about them giving honorary degrees to the late pro-abortion Leo McCarthy, to Kerry Kennedy of Amnesty International -- and (drum roll) to Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco.

Now go to the website of the Cardinal Newman Society, the Catholic watchdog group that fights just such abuses as USF's. As the saying goes, "Can you spot the difference?"

If Archbishop Niederauer, Father Privett or anyone else today said anything anti-abortion, you will hear about it here. But the odds are that that did not happen.

Looks as if our liberal hierarchy and clergy will never get over their sick love affair with pro-abortion politicians -- a love affair that causes them to abandon preborn babies to being aborted.

May 17, 2007

Will our California bishops do anything about these pro-aborts defying the Pope?

Cardinal Mahony and the rest of our bishops in California have some work to do.

That is, they do if they are serious about their fellow U.S. bishops' repeated acknowledgments that their duty as bishops is to seek out pro-abortion Catholic politicians and convert them.

Five California politicians -- Joe Baca, Anna Eshoo, Linda Sanchez, Hilda Solis and Mike Thompson -- are among 18 Catholic U.S. Congressmen who, in a statement on May 10 (click on this post's title), blasted Pope Benedict XVI for pointing out the basic Catholic truth that a politician's voting for aborting babies is incompatible with that politician's receiving Communion.

Of course, these five California politicians are all Democrats. So any bishops or clergy who have voted for them are in an awkward position when it comes to admonishing them on abortion.

But the nerve of these pro-abortion politicians saying they know better than the Pope! That is an insult to all Catholics, and it should impel our hierarchy to finally straighten them out. (Not that anyone expects them to do anything, unfortunately.)

What do you think?

May 16, 2007

The sell-off is underway

Today's issue of the Los Angeles Times reports (click on this post's title) that Cardinal Roger Mahony says he is going to sell off Archdiocesan property to pay off some of the clergy sex-abuse and hierarchy-coverup lawsuits.

The sell-off will start with the Archdiocese's relatively new headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard. Not with the Cathedral.

Cardinal Mahony has put a statement about his sell-off on the Archdiocesan website at

Cardinal Mahony says his Archdiocese will "re-evaluate some of the services and ministries it provides to parishes." He claims the sales will not affect "essential ministries" of parishes.

At least that will not affect Archdiocesan pro-life services, and services to keep Catholics from defecting to the sects -- because you have to look long and hard to find such services already.

Cardinal Mahony also says this:

"Some properties are held for future parishes, future schools, and similar ministry purposes. Our preference would be to retain all of those properties. But we have no other way to raise our share of money for coming settlements except through such sales."

Cardinal Mahony had said in the past that he would not sell off parishes. Now we find out that that did not mean not selling off future parishes.

He also says he will not sell parishes and parish schools to fund these settlements. What about future settlements or judgments?

The Cardinal says he has a working group "to identify possible eligible properties and to rank them according to use and value" -- 50 so far. He adds, "Other possible properties that could be sold are being studied."

We must hope and pray that the Cardinal will never sell off our churches, parishes and schools.

When he said he was closing St. John's Seminary College, the Cardinal called that "a positive development." Please, Your Eminence, stop giving us all these positive developments!

May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell, R.I.P.

Jerry Falwell entered eternal life today at age 73. Let us pray for the repose of his soul.

Yesterday, May 14, Mr. Falwell concluded what turned out to be his final column (click on this post's title) with these words: "Boldly live out your faith!"

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League
said this of Mr. Falwell today:

“Jerry was a great fighter in the culture wars. He was both an exemplary evangelical and a renowned social activist, always exuding the kind of moral courage so often lacking in religious leaders of all faiths. He will be sorely missed.”

Mr. Falwell and his Moral Majority campaigned hard for Ronald Reagan in 1980. That helped make possible the President and Pope John Paul II's successful assault on the Soviet evil empire.

When Pope John Paul II died, Mr. Falwell said, "The world has lost a great moral leader."

Dissenter Catholics, like all liberals, will excoriate Mr. Falwell.

Wonder if our Catholic bishops will praise him for his pro-life efforts. As a former pro-life chairman of our bishops, Cardinal Mahony ought to do so.

"Boldly live out your faith!"

May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! to each Mom as YOU are reading this message. Happy Mother's Day! too, to your Mom and to mine, whether she is here in this vale of tears or is now in eternal life.

And Happy Mother's Day! to You, O Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Mother of Our Savior, Mother of the Church, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope...our Mother.

Mi madrecita is in eternity, and you never met a more loving, more selfless, more holy, more good, more Catholic Mom, who prayed through life's sorrows and who could always find her way back to laughter. Thank you for being a wonderful Mother, Mama! Please look down on your son from Heaven above and help me get to Heaven, too.

May you and I, dear reader, meditate deeply on the love and beauty and glory of motherhood, and may that make us each into better pro-lifers who will more lovingly reach out to the moms around us who are bearing babies in crisis pregnancies. Amen.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

"If I were hanged on the highest hill, I know whose love would follow me still, Mother o' mine, Mother o' mine!" -- Kipling

By the way, the famous Italian painting above, "The Madonna of the Streets," was really called "La Madonnina" ("The Little Madonna") by its painter, Roberto Ferruzzi (1854-1934), who painted it in 1897, using an 11-year-old girl and her baby brother as the subjects.

May 11, 2007

Cardinal Mahony's imperfect economics

The May 11 issue of the Archdiocesan newspaper, The Tidings, carries a lecture (click on this post's title) by Cardinal Mahony, the Fifth Annual John M. Templeton Jr. Lecture on Economic Liberties and the Constitution at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, May 8.

The topic was to be "immigration," and that was right up the Cardinal's alley.

In this corner, onelacatholic, the Cardinal gets a middling grade. That is because he said some good things but he also presented some strange notions about economics and our USA.

First off, the Cardinal called our government a democracy, when in reality our Founding Fathers fought, bled and died for, and set up, not a democracy but a republic.

Second, Cardinal Mahony claimed our Nation was built on "humanitarian principles...fairness, opportunity, and compassion." Sorry, but the correct answer is the Declaration's God-given rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Fairness, opportunity and compassion might be some results of our founding principles, but they are not the principles themselves.

Third, His Eminence stressed the contributions that illegal aliens make to the U.S. economy but downplayed the taxpayer-funded, mega-costly benefits they take from our welfare, education, medical and insurance systems. Now, ole Q here is not necessarily begrudging anyone anything, just pointing out that the Cardinal pretty much gave only one side of the equation.

Fourth, the Cardinal did not point out that the Popes have said both that nations have a right and duty to guard their borders and that immigrants must obey host nations' laws.

Fifth, Cardinal Mahony did not place any limits at all on how many millions of illegals the USA must absorb and on how many billions in hard-earned dollars U.S. taxpayers must fork over to support them. Apparently he believes we must let in, and pay for, all of humanity.

Sixth, the Cardinal treated illegals as if they all work, when in fact many do not.

Now, His Eminence did make some good points. He marshalled Old and New Testament verses and general Catholic principles about treatment of aliens. He noted inconsistencies in our laws. The great Catholic law professor emeritus Charles Rice made some similar points about just treatment of immigrants in a recent article in The Wanderer.

But overall, the Cardinal's remarks were uneven. Mainly, he spoke of justice for illegals but not of justice for U.S. wage-earners and taxpaying families, many of whom are just getting by and who are seeing their wages and purchasing power drop and even seeing their jobs disappear.

Our Catholic hierarchy should seek justice and fairness for Catholic taxpayers, and all taxpayers, especially in the sense of not treating them as mere sources of billions of tax dollars, as sheep to be sheared until kingdom come.

May 10, 2007

Picketing a pro-abortion politician

Wouldn't it be nice if every appearance of a pro-abortion politician at Mass or a Catholic function in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles got the same type of picketing (click on this post's title) that the Pro-Life Action League gave the Mercy Home fundraiser with H. Rodham Clinton in Chicago last Saturday?

And wouldn't it be even nicer if no Mass or Catholic function in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ever had any pro-abortion politicians as guests anymore?

Are you listening, Your Eminence, Your Excellencies, reverend clergy and all lay decisionmakers of Los Angeles? You should be. It's not Quintero talking to you, but the U.S. bishops.

May 8, 2007

Just say no to having pro-abortion politicians speak at Mass

Did you see the news photos of pro-abortion Los Angeles alcalde (mayor) Antonio Villaraigosa addressing the congregation at last Sunday's "MacArthur Park" Mass in the Cathedral?

Let's hope this abortion-supporting politician at least spoke after Mass, not during it.

But his being given a forum in the Cathedral brings to mind what Cardinal Avery Dulles said back in 2004 in an interview (click on this post's title) with Zenit, a news service of the Legionaries of Christ, on what to do with Catholic pro-abortion politicians:

"For instance, the bishop could instruct Catholic parishes and institutions not to invite such politicians to speak on Church premises, not to give them roles in the liturgy and not to honor them with rewards and honorary degrees."

Guess news of these helpful hints has not made it to the Cathedral yet.

May 7, 2007

Once again

Did you go to Mass at the Cathedral yesterday (Sunday)? (I did not.)

Cardinal Mahony held a Mass of post-MacArthur Park reconciliation there.

That was nice, but: In a photo in today's Los Angeles Times, right beside the Cardinal was our photo-opportunitying pro-abortion alcalde (mayor), Antonio Villaraigosa.

So: Imagine a Cardinal or Archbishop so devoted to saving the lives of preborn babies that he would say this to the local pro-abortion politicians:

"Oye (listen), stay away from our churches, and your political photo opportunities there, until you repent, reform and become actively pro-life. Until then, no more business as usual! And if you really want to help newcomers to this country, save them from abortion and contraception! I am serious, and Almighty God is serious, about the lives of His little ones."

Well, we can dream, can't we?

Please add to my listing of liberal Catholics' crimes

After writing the following comment to friend Joseph's latest comment on this spot, I decided it deserves its own post. So here is my comment, and I invite you to add to the list:

Essentially, liberal Catholics are trying to kill off the Church and embrace her enemies. Just look at what they do and say (even if they deny it and act "hurt" when called on the carpet):
  • ban the Mass of the Ages
  • denigrate the priesthood and its duties and prerogatives
  • undermine the Papacy
  • close the seminaries
  • wreckovate, bulldoze, sell or close traditional churches
  • eliminate Latin
  • subvert or mock all the doctrines
  • distort our mission into politics instead of bringing souls to Jesus
  • twist and dumb down catechetics so kids will lose the Faith
  • side with homosexual agitation and with fornicating, aborting babies, contracepting, sterilizing and euthanizing.

Please feel free to add your own counts to this list of what liberals do and say!

May 5, 2007

Cardinal calls for "legalization immunity"

In a statement (click on this post's title) on the Archdiocesan web site about the LAPD's forcible dispersal of the Gran Marcha rally at MacArthur Park on May 1, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles has urged authorities at every level to:

“...please grant full legal immigration immunity to those who may have been directly affected by the police actions, but who are afraid to come forward and give their testimony in fear of being turned over to immigration authorities.”

Far lefties were on the scene. But Cardinal Mahony questions whether anyone in the crowd really provoked anything. He says:

"Like most Angelinos [sic], I have been watching innumerable television images of the aftermath of a peaceful and orderly pro-immigrant march and rally on the afternoon of May 1st. I was a member of the march from Vermont and 3rd Streets to the MacArthur Park, and I was privileged to address the people present. Even if a small group of people caused trouble..."

The Cardinal calls for finding out who must bear "the blame and responsibility," but he does not explicitly call for apprehending crowd members who might have committed violence against the police. Fifteen or so policemen were injured; someone did that to them.

Quintero knows well the past record of LAPD brutality against pro-lifers, including outright TORTURE with nunchuks -- they called it "PAIN COMPLIANCE" -- and other civilians.

I am not going to characterize what happened in MacArthur Park, or say whether the police were right or wrong; and that is not the purpose of this post.

But now that the Cardinal has called for immunity for illegal aliens who witnessed the goings on in MacArthur Park, it would be just if he also addressed authorities and called for immunity from BEING ABORTED for all the preborn babies in this Archdiocese and throughout our USA.

When is the Cardinal going to call us all to public rallies for protection for preborn babies and their God-given, inalienable right to life? A Mass in the cathedral once a year is not enough. Suggested theme for the rallies: "Justicia por los bebes!" -- "Justice for the babies!"

May 4, 2007

Pro-lifers to protest Catholic forum for pro-abortion H. Rodham C.

Kudos to Joe Scheidler and his gallant compatriots at the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago for their plans (click on this post's title) to picket this coming Monday's (May 7) appearance of the notoriously pro-abortion presidential candidate H. Rodham Clinton at a Catholic fundraiser.

The people who invited H. Rodham C. are doing enormous damage to the Church and are literally endangering the lives of millions of preborn babies now and in the future.

This is a national matter, not just one for Cardinal George. All of the U.S. bishops, including Cardinal Mahony and all the California bishops, need to tell the Mercy Home in no uncertain terms this weekend to disinvite their abortion queen.

No, that will not happen.

But I would far rather be outside on the Windy City picket lines with Joe Scheidler and friends this Monday than cozied up inside the luncheon with all the pro-abortion Catholics and their pro-abortion, pro-homosexual darling politician. How about you?

May 3, 2007

More proof that Catholic liberals do not care about preborn babies AT ALL

Who knew that any of the "who cares about preborn babies" Catholic liberals could so soon and so egregiously top that St. Louis Catholic hospital foundation fundraiser's recent hosting of notorious pro-abortion songbird Sheryl Crow in defiance of Archbishop Burke?

Well, they have, already. reports (click on this post's title) that for its annual Mercy Home Graduates Luncheon fundraiser (no date given), Chicago's Mercy Home for Boys and Girls has, pro-homosexual Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And as you might expect, a spokesman for the home says, presumably with a straight face, that the hosting of the Democrat presidential hopeful is not political and not an endorsement!

The spokesman also says Cardinal Francis George of Chicago inquired and "had some very understandable misgivings but he just wanted to be assured this was not a political stop." You see, Mrs. Bill is going to speak

Right. Just because H. Rodham Clinton is the most politically obsessed individual in the whole USA and is running for president, why would anyone suspect that "this" is "a political stop?"

As points out, the U.S. bishops in 2004 issued a "Catholics in Political Life" document and said in there, "The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

So if he does not cancel H-Rodham's appearance, Cardinal George is VIOLATING the U.S. bishops' own instructions!

Fortunately, the great pro-life hero Joe Scheidler of the equally great Pro-Life Action League, which has saved the lives of countless babies through the years, promises to picket the event. Wish I could be there. Details should be forthcoming at:

But why should the people who uphold the Church's teachings on the right to life always have to be on the outside of a "Catholic" event, looking in?

Once again, we see that Catholic liberals do not care AT ALL about the lives of preborn babies.

May 1, 2007

Liberal bishops and clergy don't care about ALL children

Today's online California Catholic Daily reports (click on this post's title) that at this year's Catholic Charities CYO of San Francisco fundraising dinner on April 21, Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco presented a "2007 Loaves and Fishes Award" named for Leo McCarthy, a late pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Catholic Democrat politician.

Compare that to Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis, who refused to attend a Catholic charity fundraising dinner last weekend because its headliner is a notorious pro-abort.

Are these two archbishops practicing the same Faith? One must be right and the other wrong; do you think it is the one who safeguards Catholic teaching against aborting babies, or the one who invokes a pro-abortion politician's name at an event to help CHILDREN?

Archbishop Niederauer actually said: "This year's honorees have been absolutely dedicated to transforming the lives of families and children in need through direct aid and advocates. Their unwavering commitment to help the ‘least among us’ is an inspiration and an example of philanthropy and public service at its most generous.”

You would think there must be some mistake here, because to salute people who help "families and CHILDREN" and "'THE LEAST among us,'" why would anyone, let alone an archbishop, invoke the name of a politician who was pro-abortion and pro-homosexual?

Why on earth do liberal bishops, clergy and laity not register all the time that abortion-targeted BABIES ARE CHILDREN? Why are God's precious preborn babies so much off-screen in liberals' minds? Why are liberals rarely actively anti-abortion (except for attendiong once-a-year events, at best)? Don't liberals care about ALL children, preborn as well as born?
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